Fall Protection

Man grinding steel

Falls due to mistakes kill about 300 people each year. They are the third highest cause of workplace fatalities, behind homicides and motor vehicle deaths.

Ohio University Fall Protection Policy

  • University Policy
    Ohio University is dedicated to the protection of its employees from all on-the-job injuries. All employees of Ohio University have the responsibility to work safely on the job. The purpose of this Fall Protection Plan is to (a) supplement our standard safety policy by providing safety standards specifically designed to cover fall protection on this job and (b) to ensure that each employee is trained and made aware of the safety provisions which are to be implemented by this plan prior to the start of work requiring the utilization of this Fall Protection Plan.
  • Scope
    This Fall Protection Plan establishes the precautions, training, responsibilities, requirements and methods, which are to be used by all Ohio University Personnel while preparing for work at heights at Ohio University.
  • Purpose
    This plan is designed to enable employees to recognize the fall hazards at Ohio University and to establish the procedures that are to be followed in order to prevent falls to lower levels or through holes and openings in walking or working surfaces. Each employee exposed to fall hazards will be trained in these procedures and will strictly adhere to them except when doing so would expose the employee to a greater hazard. If, in the employee’s opinion, this is the case, the employee is to notify their supervisor of the concern and the concern will be addressed before proceeding.