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Hazardous Material Transport

Shipping and Receiving Hazardous Materials at Ohio University

The Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) apply to each person who performs, or causes to be perfomed, functions related to the transportation of hazardous materials such as determination of, and compliance with, basic conditions for offering; filling packages; marking and labeling packages; preparing shipping papers; handling; loading; securing and segregating packages within a transport vehicle, freight container or cargo hold; and transporting hazardous materials including potentially infectious material. If you transport radioactive material, you must also contact the Radiation Safety Officer. If you perform any of these functions, you are required to complete training EVERY 2 YEARS. A record of that training must be on file at your supervisor's office and the Department of Risk Management and Safety. If you need training, contact

What is a hazardous material? - If still unsure after reviewing this information, call the Hazardous Material Info-Line at 800-467-4922 for additional help.

Exemptions to on-line training:

Shippers and receivers of hazardous materials involving inter or intrastate commerce are required to have specific training that must be documented in Ohio University's training logs. Local transport of hazardous materials does not involve inter or intrastate commerce and is not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) directly. For example, filling up a 5 gallon can of gas and transporting it for your own use is not directly regulated. If a chemist takes a bottle of acetone from Clippinger to Biochemistry building the transport of the material is not regulated by DOT. The use and exposure to the chemical is regulated under hazard communications regulations. The regulations basically insure the individual transporting the material is very familiar with the properties of the material. There is a level of care in transporting hazardous materials that must be commensurate with DOT regulations. Transport hazardous materials in the original packaging if possible. If not in the original packaging, package the material in like quality packaging. The DOT regulations are broad and complicated. Click here to learn more about the regulations and guidelines see.