Building Trades

Ohio University Building Trades consists of the trade shops of Facilities Management & Safety encompassing a wide variety of skilled trade’s people that professionally maintain facilities campus wide. Comprised of the Carpentry, Interior Surfaces, Environmental Services, Paint, Sheetmetal, and Zone Maintenance Shops. The Trades Shops are managed and led by Manager Ryan Kilgour while Manager Mark Metts and Assistant Manager Ethan Michael lead Zone Maintenance.  A brief synopsis of each shop is below:

Carpentry Shop- comprised of 2 Carpenters and 3 Masons, the shop addresses a wide variety of projects to include furniture repair, door and window repair, repair of wood flooring, and all aspects of masonry.

Interior Surfaces – With 4 technicians, Interior Surfaces installs and maintains flooring such as Vinyl tile, carpeting squares, and rubber/vinyl cove base.  Ceramic tile repair and installation campus wide is maintained by this shop. The replacement/repair of ceiling tile and drop ceiling grid systems falls under this shops prevue.

Environmental Services - comprised of a 2-person team, Environmental Services performs daily inspections of campus locations know to contain asbestos insulation and coverings. As required, they assist FMS shops with the removal of piping insulation when repairs are necessary.

Paint Shop – a 5 person team makes up the FMS Paint Shop, tasked with interior and exterior maintenance of painted surfaces campus wide. Technicians perform maintenance and repair of plaster walls/ceilings, plasterboard, and wood surfaces.

Sheetmetal Shop: the primary duty of this 4 person shop is maintenance and repair of campus roofs and gutters systems. The team also does lite metal fabrication and repair of metal equipment and rack systems.

Zone Maintenance: the Zone Maintenance team are the “first responders” to nearly all reported issues.  With 18 highly versatile professionals, the team addresses and repairs trouble calls campus wide. Acting as first on scene troubleshooters, when repairs require trades shop involvement, Zone Maintenance technicians ensure the problem is reported to the FMS customer service desk for distribution to the proper shop and with an urgency recommendation on repair time line.