Compost Sales

Buy From the Compost Facility

Home gardeners and landscaping businesses interested in creating a healthy yard full of green, leafy plants, vegetables and colorful flowers can now fertilize their gardens with soil amendment purchased from the Ohio University Compost Facility located along Dairy Lane.

Anyone interested in purchasing this soil amendment can do so using the following instructions:

  1. Purchase your desired quantity in person from the Bobcat Depot store-front in Baker University Center.
    • Pay for your soil amendment and retain your receipts ($35 per cubic yard or $2 per 5 gallon bucket).
  2. Friday’s Only:  Drive to the Compost Facility with your receipt (4945 Dairy Lane, Athens, OH).
    • Please make sure you have your 5 gallon bucket(s) or flatbed truck!
    • You can drive all the way up to the facility (through the gate entry, if it is open).
    • Compost Facility should* be open 8am-10am and 12pm-2pm on Friday for pickups (*occasionally, work schedules change and the staff is not at the site at that time. If that happens to you, call Facilities at 593-2911 and ask them to patch you through to Scott Blower. Then, tell Scott you are at the facility waiting to pick up some compost.
  3. Hand your receipt to an employee and they will fill your bucket/truck.