Online Engineering Analytics Certificate

Data and statistical analysis

This certificate program prepares dedicated leaders and skilled managers to make better engineering and related business decisions using enterprise data and statistical analysis.

The 13-credit-hour, Engineering Analytics Certificate will appear on your transcript upon graduation.

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Required Courses 

Statistics for Engineering Management: EMGT 6100 (4 credit hours)

Estimation theory, hypothesis testing, and statistical prediction, simple linear regression, multiple regression, transformations, analysis of variance, and simple experimental design.

Requisite: None

Information Systems Engineering: EMGT 6200 (3 credit hours)

An introduction to applications of information systems industry and the design and implementation of these systems. Students will also learn systems modeling and how to utilize a Rapid Application Development tool to extract needed information from a database.

Requisite: None

Database Information Systems: EMGT 6210 (3 credit hours)

Introduction to application and development of database systems in industrial engineering.  In addition, students will learn database theory, data modeling and SQL.

Requisite: EMGT 6200 Information Systems Engineering

Data Acquisition and Predictive Analytics: EMGT 6220 (3 credit hours)

The objective of this course is to teach students modern methods for data analysis and predictive analytics. Students will gain the knowledge to develop advanced queries and apply statistical methods and machine learning to analyze the data and make predictions in the engineering management context.

Requisite: EMGT 6100 Statistics for Engineering Management; EMGT 6200 Information Systems Engineering; No credit if taken after MBA 6325