Industrial Engineering Minor

The industrial engineering (IE) minor introduces some of the fundamental skills that are used by industrial engineers. Students from other engineering majors and from outside the Russ College are encouraged to consider the minor; many engineering majors require one or more of the classes listed below (which can count toward the major and the IE minor).

The IE minor requires 6 classes (16 credits):

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ISE 1200 Software Tools for ISE 1 credit
ISE 3341 Work Design 3 credits
ET 2100 Engineering Programming 4 credits
ET 3300 Engineering Economy 2 credits

One of the following:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ET 2400 Fundamentals of Statistics 3 credits
ET 2450 Engineering Statistics 3 credits
MATH 2500 Statistics and Probability

4 credits

One elective course from the following list:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ISE 4120 Inventory and Manufacturing Control I 3 credits
ISE 4130 Industrial Computer Simulation 3 credits
ISE 4140 Introduction to Operations Research 3 credits
ISE 4151 Information Systems Engineering 4 credits
ISE 4160 Principles of Six Sigma 3 credits
ISE 4170 Lean Manufacturing and Service Systems 3 credits
ISE 4311 Applied Systems Engineering 3 credits

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