Online Engineering Leadership Certificate

Leaders and managers

The mission of this certificate program is to prepare dedicated leaders and skilled managers who exert inspiring influence in their workplaces and across their enterprises.

The 9-credit-hour, Engineering Leadership Certificate will appear on your transcript upon graduation.

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Required Courses

Communication Skills for Engineers: EMGT 6010 (3 credit hours)

Designed to help students to develop the ability to think critically as a professional communicator by asking appropriate questions that will enable them to understand, develop, and produce effective communication using the following elements of thought: purpose, basic concepts, information sources and needs, underlying assumptions, inferences/conclusions, implications/consequences, points of view, and questions raised and addressed.
Requisite: None

Applied Accounting and Finance for Engineering Management: EMGT 6600 (3 credit hours)

Principles and techniques of accounting, finance, performance measures and decision making are examined and applied in the engineering management context. Methods of cost accounting are presented, compared and used. Relationships between cost, volume and profit are illustrated, and related parameters are calculated. Budgets for production, direct labor, manufacturing and other functions are prepared. Performance measures are analyzed and applied. Differential analysis techniques are used to support engineering management decisions. Financial statements and statements of cash flows are examined and interpreted to assess the financial health of engineering organizations.
Requisite: None

Engineering Leadership: EMGT 6700 (3 credit hours)

This course will provide information, experiences and skill development to aid the student in creating an inventory of leadership knowledge for lifelong development of effective leadership abilities. This will be accomplished through selected readings, supplemental videos, interviews of experienced leaders, reflections and discussions to explore, develop, and reinforce leadership development. Case studies from engineering leaders will be used for discussions of the principles being covered.
Requisite: None