Online Engineering Management Certificate

The mission of this certificate program is to prepare dedicated leaders and skilled managers who, in the words of the Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge, excel in “the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities which have a technological component.”
The 11-credit-hour, Engineering Management Certificate will appear on your transcript upon graduation.
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Required Courses

Foundations of Engineering Management: EMGT 6000 (4 credit hours)

Engineering management skills and executive leadership are required to meet the demands of both global and domestic markets. Modern corporations require engineering leadership to be creative and progressive, and to produce profitable performance. Will help engineers to broaden their understanding of management activities and their unique applications to engineering functions.
Requisite: None

Project Management: EMGT 6300 (4 credit hours)

Modeling of project constraints using network methodologies such as CPM and PERT to determine activities critical to meeting a project deadline. Utilization of stochastic models to determine possible changes in the critical path. Will also cover methods for economic evaluation of project alternatives.

Requisite: EMGT 6000 Foundations of Engineering Management

Engineering Law: EMGT 6400 (3 credit hours)

Study of the legal system; domestic and international environments of intellectual property policy (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets), torts and various sources of personal, facility, products and enterprise liability; contracts and issues arising from various types of contractual relationships; and aspects of administrative law (dealing with agencies) and employment law.
Requisite: EMGT 6000 Foundations of Engineering Management