Ohio University

Master of Public Health

About the Program

Ohio University's Master of Public Health, with a concentration in community health, prepares students to address community health needs locally, nationally, or internationally, in collaboration with partnering organizations and entities. Since OHIO is uniquely situated in the heart of rural Appalachia, students will complete coursework related to social, behavioral, environmental, and cultural determinants of rural health as well as courses focused on the assessment, design, implementation and evaluation of health interventions in a rural setting. Through classroom instruction, research and/or field experience, students will work closely with OHIO faculty and public health leaders in rural Appalachian Ohio who are actively engaged in rural health research and practice. Students who complete an MPH are well positioned for careers in a variety of settings, including: local or state health departments, community-based organizations, governmental organizations (CDC) and global health.

Admission Requirements


  • Fall admission only 
  • April 30 deadline each year
  • Preference will be given to assistantship applications submitted by Feb. 15; however, applications will be reviewed until April 30. Applicants who complete the application by the Feb. 15 deadline will be given priority.

For more information about the program, please contact Thomas P. Raimondi III, M.Ed., Graduate Program Manager, raimondi@ohio.edu 

Applicants must:


  • Earned bachelor’s degree at the start of the MPH program
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (undergraduate)
  • GPA of 3.5 of higher on a 4.0 scale (graduate)
  • Submit three professional letters of recommendation
  • Submit a personal statement (1,000 word limit) (academic background, professional background, why they want to pursue an MPH at OHIO, and what they plan to do in the future)
  • Send official transcripts
  • CV or resume
  • GRE optional (if taken, scores sent to Ohio University)


International admissions:

  • GRE official scores sent to Ohio University
  • TOEFL official scores sent to Ohio University

Sample Academic Schedule

Fall Semester 1

HLTH 6710: Public Health Concepts (3 credits)

HLTH 6720: Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits)

HLTH 6740: Biostatistics in Public Health (3 credits)

HLTH 6001: Program Planning and Implementation in Rural Public Health (3 credits)


Spring Semester 1

HLTH 6730: Epidemiology in Public Health (3 credits)

HLTH 6760: Environmental Health (3 credits)

HLTH 6140: Rural Health Disparities (3 credits)

HLTH 6002: Program Evaluation in Rural Public Health (3 credits)


Fall Semester 2

HLTH 6770: Grant Writing in Public Health Practice (3 credits)

HLTH 6080: Health Policy (3 credits)

HLTH 6900: Special Topics (3 credits)

HLTH 6920: Applied Practice Experience (3 credits)


Spring Semester 2

HLTH 6911: MPH Integrative Learning Experience (3 credits)

HLTH 6791: Chronic Dis, Epi, Prevention, Control (3)


Total Program Hours: 42


Apply: MPH program

Apply: DO/MPH Program

For more information about the program, please contact Caroline Kingori, Ph.D., MPH, CHES at kingori@ohio.edu.