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Social and Public Health

Social and Public Health

The Department of Social and Public Health is where personal passion meets public good. Our department addresses the health and social service needs of the entire population, making an impact for generations to come. If you want to help meet the world’s biggest challenges in health care and social services, the Department of Social and Public Health is where you can maximize your societal contribution.

You will be employing critical thinking skills to address important public needs and problems, no matter your program area or discipline. Whether you are contributing to safer workplaces, helping families grow stronger, improving the environment or the health status of populations, your contributions to the public good are valued and vital. We hope that you will become an advocate for the people who need a champion the most—the young, elderly and all underserved populations at the margins of society.

Whatever your passion and interest, we are ready to help you achieve your career goals. If you are ready to learn, and have a true conviction to make a difference, your future contributions and accomplishments are limitless. So, explore the Department of Social and Public Health and contact us if we can provide you with any additional information. We look forward to meeting you!

Child and Family Studies Degrees

  • Child and Family Studies Undergraduate Major

    We prepare students to work with individuals and families in diverse settings, including human and social service agencies, and programs for children and adolescents, as well as young, mid-life and older adults.

  • Master of Science in Child and Family Studies

    Our graduate program offers a more in-depth study of children, adults and families along the life span, preparing graduates for working with families in human and social service agencies as well as programs for youth, adolescents and elders.

Community and Public Health Degrees

  • Community and Public Health Undergraduate Major

    Students in this program learn how to assess the health needs of various groups as well as how to design, implement and evaluate health programs to respond to identified health needs.

  • Online Master of Public Health

    Our online MPH can propel you forward while building on your natural instinct to serve. With our real-world curriculum, you will master essential concepts while connecting with hands-on learning opportunities at public health organizations.

Health Services Administration Degrees

  • Health Services Administration Undergraduate Major

    In today’s health care environment, it’s important for leaders and managers to understand how to apply business skills and creative problem-solving approaches to resolve issues in important administrative areas.

  • Online Master of Health Administration

    With our online Master of Health Administration degree, you will build the confidence and strategic insight to help lead health care organizations into the future, creating organizations that provide excellent, affordable, profitable care.

Environmental Health Degree

  • Environmental Health Undergraduate Major

    Environmental health science professionals work as applied scientists to preserve and improve the quality of the environment and safety of the workplace.