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Faculty have a discussion during a Bruning Teaching Academy meeting
Bruning Teaching Academy

Bruning Teaching Academy

The Bruning Teaching Academy (BTA) provides a developmental, peer-to-peer approach for continuous improvement and implementation of evidence-based best practices. The program matches non-tenured professors with tenured professors known for their excellence in teaching, with the goal of stimulating inspired teaching dedicated to students’ academic success. Participants come together throughout the academic year to discuss instructional strategies, provide constructive feedback and work toward one common goal — improving teaching.

BTA participants set goals they hope to accomplish each semester, following a backward design model for instruction that emphasizes the importance of planning the desired outcomes before deciding the teaching and assessment methods to use.

Bruning Teaching Academy Goals

  1. Write clear learning goals that are student-centered, use active verbs, and are measurable.
  2. Align learning activities with the learning goals.
  3. Create assessment tools that are aligned with the learning activities and accurately assess achievement of the learning goal.
  4. Employ techniques that encourage student participation in the learning activities and engagement with the learning goals.
  5. Share ideas and garner feedback related to teaching and learning with a network of colleagues across campus.
  6. Observe a colleague teach, review his/her materials, and provide feedback that would help improve his/her teaching.

Current Leaders

Dr Raymond Frost

Raymond Frost

Raymond Frost is a professor of analytics and information systems in the College of Business, and he is the Director of Studies for College of Business students in the Honors Tutorial College. Frost has received multiple teaching honors from Ohio University, including the Presidential Teaching Award, University Professor Teaching Award, Honors Tutorial College Distinguished Mentor Award, Honors Tutorial College Outstanding Tutor Award, College of Business Senior Class Teaching Award, and the College of Business Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award.

Headshot of Lynn Harter

Lynn Harter

Lynn Harter is a professor of health communication in the School of Communication Studies and co-director of the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact in the Scripps College of Communication. Harter has received numerous teaching awards at Ohio University, including the University Professor Award, Honors Tutorial College Distinguished Mentor Award, and the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teacher at Ohio University.

Linda J. Rice

Linda Rice

Linda J. Rice is the James S. Reid/Standard Products Company Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Charles J. Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities. Rice is also Professor of English and Director of the Master of Arts in English (MAE) Online program. She has received multiple awards from Ohio University, including the Presidential Teacher Award, University Professor Teaching Award, College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Excellence in Higher Education Award from Ohio Magazine.

Bruning Teaching Academy Alumni

  • Emilia Alonso-Sameno
  • Stan Alost
  • Cynthia Anderson
  • Mick Andzulis
  • Rebecca Barlag
  • Joann Benigno
  • Roger Braun
  • Jenny Chabot
  • Brian Collins
  • Tawna Cooksey-James
  • Gary Coombs
  • Matthew Cornish
  • Cory Cronin
  • Tom Dancer
  • Geoff Dabelko
  • Travis Davidson
  • Craig Davis
  • Alexei Davydov
  • Shelly Delaney
  • Haley Duschinski
  • Glenn Dutcher
  • Ryan Fogt
  • Jessica Ford
  • Alexa Fox
  • Theda Gibbs
  • Sam Girton
  • Sinan Gokkaya
  • Daniel Harper
  • Lisa Harrison
  • Lynn Harter
  • Michael Hess
  • Jennifer Hines
  • Angela Hosek
  • Deanna House
  • Jana Houser
  • Akil Houston
  • Jennifer Howell
  • Mary Kate Hurley
  • Bayyinah Jeffries
  • Sarah E. Jones
  • Joan Jurich
  • Yeong-Hyum Kim
  • Youngsun Kim
  • Ian Klein
  • Michael Kopish
  • Greg Kremer
  • Zaki Kuruppalil
  • Chao-Yang Lee
  • Amy Lynch
  • Lori Marchese
  • Vic Matta
  • Jaclyn Maxwell
  • Lauren McMills
  • Shawnee C. Meek
  • Hans Meyer
  • Deborah Murray
  • Charlie Morgan
  • Julia Paxton
  • Tom Padron
  • Harold Perkins
  • Brittany Peterson
  • James Petrik
  • Michael Pfahl
  • Talinn Phillips
  • Chorong Oh
  • Herta Rodina
  • Mark Rowe 
  • Jeff Russell
  • Nukhet Sandal
  • Kristin Schuller
  • Ryan Shepherd 
  • Tom Smucker
  • Benjamin Sperry
  • Jennifer Shadik
  • Thom Stevenson
  • Michelle Surerus
  • Barry Tadlock
  • Soichi Tanda
  • Elizabeth Thompson
  • Deborah Thorne
  • Stephanie Tikkanen
  • Art Trese
  • Thomas Vander Ven
  • Edna Wangui
  • Nilesh J. Washing
  • Julie White
  • Aaron Wilson
  • Min Lun (Alan) Wu
  • Brian Wymbs
  • Linda Zionkowski