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Peer Evaluation of Instruction

Peer evaluation refers to assessments from peer groups, both internal and external to the university, about teaching and learning. Examples of peer evaluation include:

  • Annual department/school reviews of teaching, learning, and assessment efforts
  • Peer observation of teaching and learning
  • Peer reviews of teaching, learning, and assessment documentation
  • Refereed conference and/or journal publications in teaching and learning
  • Research grants for teaching and learning development projects (in national contexts where such funding is available)
  • External reviews, case studies and/or unstructured feedback from visitors or guest speakers, demonstrating the recognition and influence of the candidate‚Äôs educational ideas and/or practices
  • Authorship of widely used teaching, learning, and/or assessment materials
  • Letters of reference from peer institutions, professional bodies, leaders of relevant teaching and learning communities, research partners, and/or external collaborators about contributions to teaching and learning projects