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Frequently Asked Questions about Political Science Graduate Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the graduate program in Political Science! The graduate committee looks forward to reviewing your application. Pursuing an M.A. in Political Science is a big step, and it is natural to have questions. Before reaching out to the department, please review these frequently asked questions:

Q: Where can I find information and links for applying to the Political Science M.A.?

Q: Is this a one- or two-year M.A.?

  • As of Fall 2022, the Political Science M.A. has been revised to a one-year-long, 32-credit hour program. (This replaces our previous two-year, 58-credit hour program.) 

Q: I am ready to apply to the M.A. in Political Science, what now?

  • Apply online. We look forward to reviewing your application!

Q: Does admission to the M.A. come with funding?

  • The Department of Political Science offers a limited number of full Graduate or Teaching Assistantships (tuition + stipend) and Graduate Recruitment Scholarships (tuition only) on a competitive basis. For admission with full financial aid from the Political Science Department, applications received by Dec. 15 will receive priority consideration. Students who apply by Feb. 15 will be considered for admission and a second round of financial aid awards. Applications received after Feb. 15 will still be considered for admission, without financial aid, and may also be considered for Graduate Recruitment Scholarships (tuition support). International students are strongly encouraged to apply by the Dec. 15 deadline to allow time for visa application and processing.

Q: Do I need to submit special materials to be considered for GAs, TAs, or Graduate Recruitment Scholarships?

  • All applicants that meet the deadline are automatically considered for full funding. 

Q: Where can I find information on graduate tuition and fees?

Q: Should I send applications directly to professors or the director of graduate studies?

Q: Do you offer waivers for application fees?

  • Unfortunately, the department is unable to waive application fees.

Q: Am I required to take a test such as the GRE?

  • M.A. applications do not require test scores such as the GRE, but the graduate admissions committee will review and consider such scores if they are submitted as part of the application.

Q: I am a non-native English speaker. Am I required to submit test scores such as TOEFL?

  • Non-native speakers are not required to submit language proficiency tests with their initial applications. However, evidence of English competency will be required as part of admission. In exceptional cases where this can be verified without tests, the department may request a waiver from the Graduate College. However, in the event a Teaching Assistantship is offered, non-native speakers will be required to take an oral test upon arrival.

Q: I need more information; whom should I contact?

  • Please contact the Graduate College for information on the application process itself. Questions about the program may be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Jonathan Agensky at