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Phi Beta Kappa Requirements

Membership is awarded to undergraduate students only.

Minimum Grade Point Average

Fourth-Year Students: Minimum 3.65  

Third-Year Students: Minimum 3.80 

In addition, no more than 10 percent of graduating students will be admitted.. 

Required Hours Attempted*

Fourth-Year Students: Minimum 90

Third-Year Students: Minimum 80

*Defined as hours earning a letter grade

Acceptable Hours

75 percent of course work must be in the College of Arts and Sciences*

* Defined as those offered in the College of Arts & Sciences or accepted by the college as meeting the humanities, social science, or natural science requirements of the college; see the Ohio University Catalog. If a student is a dual major/dual degree candidate, this 75 percent requirement may be met by obtaining 96 hours of coursework in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Foreign Language

B.A. degree: Complete two semesters at intermediate level or test into 3110 in any "second" language.

B.S. degree: Complete one semester of intermediate level or test into 2120 in any "second" language.

Humanities and Social Sciences

24 hours of courses meeting the College of Arts & Sciences distribution requirements. Nine of these hours must be in courses at the 3000 level or above.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

6 hours of courses meeting the College of Arts & Sciences natural science distribution requirement.

Residency Requirement

Completion of 60 hours and 4 semesters on the Athens Campus.

Lambda Chapter routinely screens students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Honors Tutorial College each spring quarter. Eligible students are elected spring semester, and letters of invitation are typically sent out one month prior to graduation. No application is necessary. 

Occasionally students outside the two colleges are elected if they meet chapter requirements. These students are not routinely screened and must submit their names to the chapter secretary.

Students are encouraged to plan their academic program as early as possible to ensure they are eligible for membership consideration.