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Health Insurance Information for OPIE Students

Ohio University Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important in America; it probably works differently here than in your home country. Since medical care is quite expensive in the United States, OHIO requires that all international students enroll in the International Student Health Insurance plan. You are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan, and the insurance fee will be charged each semester to your school account. Please see the Ohio University Student Health Insurance website for more information about the International Student Health Insurance plan.

If you have brought your family with you, you must visit the Student Health Insurance Administrator (located in OhioHealth Campus Care, the campus health clinic), and purchase health insurance for them, too. Important: You must purchase insurance coverage for your dependents before you register for classes each semester.

Each time you visit a health care facility (e.g., OhioHealth Campus Care, doctor’s office, hospital, urgent care, etc.), you are expected to show your health insurance card, which should look something like this


Here are some frequently asked questions about insurance and insurance cards.

Q1: How do I get Ohio University health insurance?

A: As an international student, you are automatically enrolled in the Ohio University health insurance program upon registration.

Q2:  How do I get my health insurance card?  

A: After you are enrolled into Ohio University’s health insurance program, you will receive an email from United Healthcare Student Resources approximately (1) week after the posted waiver deadline. ID Cards will not be available prior to receiving this email. (Check your Bobcat account for this email.  If you forward your Bobcat mail to another address, check your spam or junk folders as well.) This email will give you instructions on how to set up your online account. Once your online account is set up, you can print your health insurance ID card, upload a digital copy to a smartphone or tablet, or request a permanent card to be sent to you by the insurance company. (Cards are no longer automatically mailed to you.) If you need assistance printing your ID card, you can make an appointment to see Ohio University Health Insurance Administrator, Anna Casteel, at Hudson Hall, Room 227 or write to If you need assistance regarding the setup of your online account, call United Healthcare Student Resources at 1-800-767-0700.

Q3:  I am a scholarship student and my government already provides health insurance for me. Do I still have to purchase Ohio University’s insurance?

A:  If your government sponsors you and provides health insurance, you may not be required to purchase Ohio University health insurance. Students may apply to waive the Student Health Insurance Policy if they have an existing health insurance policy that meets the waiver criteriaHowever, you must provide proof of existing insurance through the online waiver application prior to the posted waiver deadline.

The deadline to submit a waiver for Fall Semester is 9/09/2022. The deadline for Spring Semester is 2/3/2023. The deadline for Summer Semester is 6/2/2023. Waivers must be renewed each academic year prior to the Fall Semester deadline.