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OPIE Student Forms

Dismissal Appeal Form (No Credit or Lack of Progress)

Students who receive notice that they will be dismissed due to No Credit or Lack of Progress may appeal the decision by submitting this form to the OPIE office before 12:00 p.m. on Friday of the University final exam week. 

Grievance Form (Formal Complaints)

Do you have a problem or complaint about a situation or experience within OPIE that has a negative effect on your dignity (self-esteem), learning, or opportunity to make progress?  If so, OPIE would like to know about your problem or complaint and help to resolve it so that you can continue to learn in the best environment possible.  

Liability Release Waiver 

Trips in nature that involve activities like hiking, boating, or playing sports can have some risks; however, it is extremelyrare for people to injure themselves while doing these activities. In American culture, it is common for students to sign a waiverbefore participating in university-sponsored activities that could results in injuries. Ohio University requires all students to sign the waiver below, stating that they will not hold the university responsible if they are injured while participating in university-sponsored events:

Liability Release Waiver for ON CAMPUS EVENTS [PDF]