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Why Donate to CIRS?

Emotional and Behavioral Problems such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression are common and affect approximately 15-20% of adolescents.This means that many families and most education professionals are struggling to meet the needs of a child with emotional or behavioral problems.

Children with emotional and behavioral problems have difficulty paying attention, staying organized, managing their emotions, following classroom rules and getting along with others. These behaviors interfere with a child’s ability to function at school and at home, and to become successful adults. Adults with emotional and behavioral problems often have difficulty with time management, organizational skills, goal setting and employment. They may also have problems with relationships, self-esteem and addictions.

Early and ongoing interventions are necessary to help these individuals thrive. CIRS is dedicated to using and helping others use scientifically-supported treatments and to developing new treatments that improve outcomes for children, adolescent and adults with emotional and behavioral problems.


How Are Donations Used?

CIRS uses donated funds to offer various services and training opportunities, to provide research and work experience for undergraduate and graduate students, and to offer student scholarships or endowed chairs or professorships.


We provide many services to help families meet the needs of their child or adolescent with emotional or behavioral problems. Parent training sessions, evaluations and a summer camp (BOOST) are some of the services we provide.

We provide many of these services for free and your gift can help make these services available and affordable to families.


Our faculty and staff provide training to educators and mental health professionals in our community and across the country. We help them learn to provide services for children and adolescents that are most likely to be effective. We receive more requests for training than we have the resources to provide.

Your gift can help us improve the skills and knowledge of professionals serving children with emotional and behavioral problems.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduate and graduate students learn how to work effectively with families and develop and study new techniques for providing effective care.

Many students accumulate significant debt and are limited in their training opportunities due to limited financial means. We provide support to as many students as we can to help them complete their training and begin their career.

Your gift can help provide opportunities for future professionals to be well prepared to make a difference in the lives of children.

Endowed Gifts

Some donations are “endowments” and can provide support for many years into the future. These gifts often go to student scholarships or endowed chairs or professorships. Many of these gifts are named after the donor and become a permanent part of the center and the University.

Please contact OHIO Giving if you are interested in learning more about endowed donations.

Additional Giving Opportunities

If you are interested in alternate ways of donating to Ohio University's Center for Intervention Research in Schools, we have an ongoing partnership with Kroger Community Rewards.

Learn more about how your Kroger purchases can help CIRS raise funds for childhood mental health research.

Kroger Community Rewards