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Designated Experiential Spaces

The Experiential Spaces Designation at Ohio University was created in 2022 to highlight and promote awareness of – and access to specific experiential learning opportunities while also broadening student engagement.  

Through an annual call for proposals faculty and staff across all of OHIO’s campuses are invited to apply for this Experiential Spaces Designation. 

To qualify for the designation, spaces must meet the following criteria: 

  • Interdisciplinary – Achieved through intentional programming; curricular or co-curricular, preferably both. 

  • Authentic context – Real practice of some type of competency; the space is uniquely poised to deliver specific learning outcomes. 

  • Ownership – Student exercises independent judgment in defining and/or executing the activity; student takes ownership of the process and outcomes. 

  • Deep engagement – Student involvement in the activity is sustained and/or intensive; the experience requires a substantial investment of time and attention to foster deep learning. 

  • Facilitated reflection – Students are guided through a process of looking inward and backward to make sense of their experience. 

Stewards of the experiential spaces will receive $500 in award funds to elevate the space, signage to display in the space, and promotion of the program to current and prospective students. 

2023-24 proposal deadline: April 26

The 2022-23 Experiential Spaces Designation recipients include: 

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Designated Experiential Spaces

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Designated Experiential Spaces