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Find an Advisor

Each college has professional advisors who listen to students and provide appropriate information about academic options, degree programs, and University resources. Academic advisors are interested in student learning and development and will help create educational plans consistent with academic, career, and personal goals. Advisors assist students with course registration, early career coaching, and co-curricular engagement. Advising is a collaborative process and is best when students are fully informed and engaged. 

Find Your Assigned Advisor

Your advisor is listed in My OHIO Student Center in the Advisor box. Your advisor's name and contact information will be listed in the column on the right side of the screen. Your advisor is also listed on the first page of your DARS report.

My OHIO Student Center

If no advisor is listed in your My OHIO Student Center, contact your college student services office so they can get you connected to the appropriate advisor. 

Exploring Majors

  • If you're a University College student, you can schedule an appointment with your University College advisor to explore majors. Major Exploration is built into University College students' academic plans. 
  • Not a University College student? Schedule a Major Exploration Appointment with Allen AdvisingAllen Advisors help students across the university find their best path at OHIO. 

Change Your Major or add a Major, Minor or Certificate

  • If your intended major/minor/certificate is non-selective, you can declare it now! Submit the Major Change Form.
  • If your intended major/minor/certificate is selective, learn more about the application process in the University Catalog or contact the advising coordinator for that program. 

Returning to or Leaving Ohio University 

  • If you would like to re-enroll at OHIO after taking time off, contact Jenny Klein.
  • If you are leaving Ohio University and would like to share information about your experience, fill out an exit survey.