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Partner With Us

We want to help all faculty and staff set and achieve goals for students’ career readiness. Work with us to plan for your specific needs so we can provide the best level of support for you and your students. We invite faculty and staff to meet with us individually so we can collaboratively identify a menu of Career Network services, events, and workshops that best serve your students. Contact us to learn more about how the Career Network can support your career development goals for your students.

Explore the resources below to support your students' professional development. 

  • Refer a Student

    We invite you to refer students to the Career Network. To refer a student, email the Career Network at with the student's contact information, or show them how to schedule an appointment on Handshake

    When to refer students to the Career Network (though any career-related topic is appropriate for referral to our team):

    • Confusion about which career opportunities relate to specific majors
    • Needing greater self-awareness about personal skills, values, and interests
    • Perfecting a resume, cover letter, or personal statement
    • Exploring industries or networking within a particular industry
    • Uncertainty about how to find a job or internship
    • Deciding whether graduate school is necessary 
    • Developing skills for effective interviewing
    • Building a strategy for networking to gain experience and build contacts
    • Using LinkedIn to build a brand and research alumni career paths
  • Explore Handshake

    Create an account on Handshake (the Career Network’s scheduling, job and internship search, and event portal) to see what opportunities are available to students by visiting Handshake and following the instructions below:

    • Choose Log In and then the Student & Alumni option
    • When prompted to select a college, choose Ohio University
    • Complete the required fields and your responses will be sent to the Career Network

    The Career Network reviews pending user requests and will approve your request within 2-3 business days.