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Students browse tables at the Majors Fair.
Majors Fair

Majors Fair

All undergraduate students interested in learning more about Ohio University's academic majors, minors, and certificates are invited to participate in the Majors Fair. The Majors Fair provides students with an opportunity to meet faculty, professional advisors, and students connected to each major, minor, and certificate program, to discuss their questions and interests.

The 2023 Majors Fair will be September 25, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in Baker University Center Ballroom.

How to Participate

Take your time to explore OHIO’s over 250 academic programs. Explore majors, but also minors and certificates!

All first-year students are encouraged to attend. Advance registration is not required, but be sure to sign in as you enter in case you need class credit.  

Check with your Learning Community Instructor or Learning Community Leader for additional information about attending with your class, or with your UC 1900 peers.

Get the Most out of the Majors Fair

  • Prepare Questions to Ask

    • What are the required courses for this major?
    • Is there a minimum GPA required to be accepted into the major?
    • Are there departmental/professional associations I should join if I select this major?
    • What jobs do Ohio University graduates obtain with this degree?
    • Will a bachelor's degree in this major prepare me for a job in this field, or will I need to pursue a graduate degree?

After the Majors Fair

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser to discuss how to change your major, should you decide to do so.
  • To continue exploring your options, schedule an appointment with Allen Advising at 740-566-8888.
  • Ask your advisor to help you run a "What If DARS" report to determine how your courses and credits will count in a different major.
  • Contact the Career Network to learn more about how your skills, interests, and abilities relate to your choice of major and career.

See you at the Majors Fair!

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Ohio University mascot poses with a student at Majors Fair
Crowd at Majors Fair in Baker Ballroom
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Two students gather information at the Majors Fair
Students share information at the Majors Fair