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Headshot of Melanie Quokka. Woman smiles at the camera. Her hair is brunette and shoulder length and is wearing dark rimmed glasses. She is wearing a black suit jacket with a black and white patterned blouse. She is outside with a backdrop green, leafy trees.

Melanie Quolke

Research Associate I

Melanie Quolke is a Research Associate with the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs working directly with the Planning, Evaluation, Education and Research (PEER) Team. Melanie is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative analysis, the data collection process, survey applications, data ecosystems, and strategic communication. Melanie is passionate about data accessibility and is continually seeking innovative ways to communicate data to new audiences. She received her master’s degree in Public Administration from the Voinovich School in 2019 and a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Economics from Ohio University in 2014.