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Measuring the Economic Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar in Ohio

Gilbert Michaud, PhD, Christelle Khalaf, PhD, Michael Zimmer, JD, and David Jenkins, MS
August 28, 2020

This report details a comprehensive economic impact study for utility-scale solar energy projects in the State of Ohio, as conducted by the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University, and as supported by the Utility Scale Solar Energy Coalition of Ohio (USSEC). As large solar energy projects continue to be submitted and approved by Ohio’s Power Siting Board, USSEC and other parties have had a growing interest in better comprehending, for the first time ever, the aggregate economic impacts of current and future scenarios of project deployment in the state. In order to support this request, the Ohio University research team conducted an economic impact analysis around three distinct deployment scenarios: a “low” scenario (2.5 gigawatts (GW)), a “moderate” scenario (5 GW), and an “aggressive” scenario (7.5 GW). Our team also conducted a brief workforce analysis, a review of potential tax revenues, and production calculations (i.e., electricity produced and number of homes powered) from these utility-scale solar energy deployment scenarios.

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