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4 female MPA graduates smiling on graduation day

One-Year MPA Curriculum

Unlike other Master of Public Administration programs, we offer a curriculum built for the real challenges faced by public administrators, in just one year. Not only will you learn about public administration concepts, but you’ll also apply them immediately by building your technical skills in areas like data analysis and program evaluation. A signature part of the on-campus program is the applied learning experience where students work with nonprofit organizations; local, state and federal government; or other public agencies in Ohio, other states, or Washington, D.C. 

Culminating Experience

The culminating experience is a portfolio capturing the student's learning experiences in the program through the submission of select research and professional papers. The portfolio is presented electronically at the conclusion of the program in your final summer.


Please note, this degree only accepts new students in the summer term of each year.

Summer Session II

Students will take the first class of the program online, and other two in a bootcamp format during the first two weeks of August, enabling you to delay arrival on campus until just before fall semester begins.

MPA 5860 Public Budgeting (online) 3 credits
MPA 6200

Foundations of Public Administration
(First two weeks of August)

3 credits
MPA 5840 Management Skills for Public Administration
(First two weeks of August)
3 credits

Fall Semester

MPA 6010 Research Methods 3 credits
MPA 5890 Nonprofit Leadership and Governance 3 credits 
MPA 5580 Program Evaluation 3 credits
MPA 5710 Social Entrepreneurship 3 credits

Spring Semester

MPA 5850 Policy Analysis
(Term A: 7 weeks online)
3 credits
MPA 5140 Organizational Leadership 3 credits
MPA 6800 Strategic Leadership and Public Value 3 credits
MPA 6020 Advanced Research Methods in Leadership and Public Affairs 3 credits -OR-
MPA 6030 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Administration 3 credits

Summer Session I

MPA 6910 Public Affairs Internship 3 credits
Graduate Total Credit Hours   36 credits
  • Reflections on Policy Advocacy Inside and Outside of Government

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  • The Impact of Incarceration on Families, Children and the Community

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  • Beyond the Voting Rights Act

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  • Youth Led Programs (White Paper)

    Youth-led programs empower young people to create community change. ...
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