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Undergraduate New Student Resources

Before the First Day of Class

A few important steps will help get you ready for your educational journey with OHIO Online after you are admitted as a student. Make sure you complete these steps before the first day of class:

Admitted Online Students Checklist


Your advisor will send you welcome information via email, which includes instructions for how to register for courses. You also will receive a Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) report, showing your official transfer credit and course requirements, after your transfer credit has been fully evaluated and processed.

Online students can find their advisor in their student center.

A staff member advises a student in their office.
Colorful books are shown on shelves at the library.

Textbooks and Materials

Most Ohio University courses require textbooks and/or other materials. In order to find out whether your instructors have required textbooks, search for the course in the course offerings and click on the title of the course. Scroll down to the bottom of the expanded window to see if materials have been posted. If your instructor has posted textbooks, you may find that there may be a hard-copy or digital book available. Digital books may have opt-out instructions.

You may purchase required materials from a preferred website (e.g., Amazon, Chegg), as long as you purchase the correct edition for your course using the ISBN.

OHIO Online Undergraduate Student Handbook

This handbook includes very important information about OHIO Online programs and university procedures and is a great reference when questions arise. We suggest you download this handbook and keep it for easy reference.


Build your Community of Support

Establish your personal support system (friends, family, etc.) and identify healthy boundaries needed for success in the program.