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Civic Engagement and Voting

Civic Engagement and Voting


Civic Engagement is about recognizing and respecting our communities, taking strides to strengthen democracy and civil rights, and staying informed about the political and community-based processes that shape the world around us.

Your Vote Matters

Student Resources

  • Register to Vote

    This website allows you to check your voter registration status. Enter your address and check your voter registration.

  • Vote By Mail

    Absentee voting offers a safe and convenient option and allows you to vote in your community even when you are unable to vote in-person. If you're voting absentee in a state other than Ohio visit for more information. 

  • Nonpartisan Voter Protection Hotline

    If you run into issues voting on Election Day, such as getting turned away from the polls, there is a non-partisan hotline that can help you. The phone number is 1-866-OUR-VOTE, or 1-866-687-8683. Their website also has a variety of resources specifically for Ohio voters, including information on voter ID laws and polling locations.

  • What's on My Ballot?

    Find your nonpartisan voters guide for important 2022 races.

  • Voter Checklist

    Follow this checklist and get prepared to go to the polls.

  • Find My Elected Officials

    Find and contact your federal, state, and local elected leaders!

  • Voting Rights and Election Security

    You can fact check election security rumor on this government site. Learn about the history of voting rights in the U.S. in this video from Georgia Public Broadcasting. And learn about gerrymandering and how district lines are drawn from this Ted-Ed talk.

  • Media Literacy

    Learn about the intersection of media literacy, digital citizenship and civics, and cybersecurity awareness.

  • Fact-checking and Fake News

    There can be many lies and half-truths in politics. There are a variety of resources to help us easily fact-check information covered in the news and touted by politicians. You can check and to review the veracity of political information.

Educator Resources

  • Campus Election Engagement Project

    The Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) has compiled a host of informative resources, engaging videos, and other strategies and tools to promote voter engagement on campuses across the country.

  • Incorporating Election Engagement in Your Courses

    The National Association for Media Literacy Education unites a community of educators who provide resources to help people of all ages develop the vital skills of media literacy.

  • How to Talk About Elections in Your Classroom

    This guide helps faculty interested in engaging student voters and facilitating productive conversations in the classroom. Read about why talking about elections during class is important.

  • Scholarly Articles on Student Activism

    A compilation of scholarly articles cover student activism over the years, including campus activism, allyship, understanding social movements, and more.


Get Involved

  • Become a Poll Worker
  • Become an Election Protection Monitor
  • Join Bridge Student Organization

Get Involved