Ohio University

Exit Survey and Checklist

Before leaving Ohio University, please:

  • Complete an Exit Survey to share your experiences and future plans with us.

  • Review the Exit Checklist to be sure you have completed all the necessary steps for your transition.

An Academic Advisor will review your survey responses, offer assistance for any concerns raised by your survey, and send information about your free transcript waiver.



Exit Survey

We understand that some students choose to attend a different institution to complete their college degree or pursue other opportunities.

  • If you are withdrawing from OHIO we would like to understand why and assist you with your transition.
  • If you would like to stay at OHIO but need guidance to make that possible, please call 740.566.8888 to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.
  • If you leave and would like to re-enroll in a future semester, we are happy to assist you. Ten percent of students who leave Ohio University eventually return.

Please complete the Exit Survey if:

  • You plan to transfer to another institution next academic year
  • You plan to take a break from school

Please do not complete the Exit Survey if:

  • You plan to study abroad or do an internship and then return to OHIO
  • You plan to participate in military training and then return to OHIO


Take Exit Survey




Exit Checklist

If you are withdrawing from the classes you are currently enrolled in, you must speak to a staff member in your college office:

  • Arts and Sciences • Wilson Hall 104, 740.593.2845
  • Business • Copeland Hall 214, 740.593.2000
  • Communication • Schoonover Center 100, 740.597.2197
  • Education • McCracken Hall, 740.593.4400
  • Engineering and Technology • Stocker Center 121, 740.593.1483
  • Fine Arts • Jennings House, 740.593.1812
  • Health Sciences and Professions • Grover Center W364, 740.593.9334
  • International Studies • Yamada International House, 740.593.1840
  • University College • Chubb Hall 140, 740.593.1935
  • Regional Higher Education • Haning Hall 129, 740.597.1553


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