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An advisor works with a student to plan out a schedule

Allen Student Advising Center

When you were admitted to Ohio University it was because we believe you can be successful here. We help students find the best path for themselves and make strategic decisions that guide them to graduation. If you would like to talk with an advisor about your academic options at Ohio University, please contact us! We provide guidance for students exploring academic options or seeking to improve academic outcomes.

Scheduling appointments with an Allen Center Advisor

Schedule an academic advising appointment using Microsoft Bookings or by calling 740.566.8888. Your appointment confirmation email will contain a link to your advising appointment, which will be a Teams meeting. Click on the link at the start of your advising appointment and you will be connected to your advisor. You and your advisor will be able to use chat, use the audio and video features (if your device has speakers, microphone, and a camera), and share documents. Teams is accessible via any internet connected device (smartphone, laptop, etc.)  

Students with limited access to technology to access Teams can schedule phone appointments with an Allen Center advisor by calling 740.566.8888.  

Drop-in advising   

Time of Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM 10 - noon

  9 - noon

10 - noon 10 - noon 10 - noon
PM  2 - 4

 2 - 4

 2 - 4  2 - 4  2 - 4

Do you have questions about your schedule? Considering a last minute change? Wondering who you need to talk with about a specific question? Pop into our virtual drop-ins on Teams!

Select today’s date to find the next available drop-in time. You will receive an email with a link to begin a Microsoft Teams chat with one of our advisors. 

Speak to an advisor today! Our advisors are ready to help you find the answers you need! 

Declare Your Major

Ready to commit? Use this form to declare a major. 

Declare your Major

Advising/Course Planning Form

Use the form to plan out courses with your advisor. 

Advising/Course Planning Form

Other Resources

Many students consult the Allen Student for non-academic reasons. We are happy to advise students and help them with their problem-solving. Here is a short list of what brings some students through our doors and links to learn more:

Raise a Flag 

To indicate you are concerned about a student in your class, please log in to MyOHIO Student Success Center. Type in the student's name, and click Raise a Flag. This will alert the student's network that someone is concerned about that student, and will also provide information to the student about resources that can be helpful with their particular concern.

If you are concerned about a student who is not in your class or your advisee, please call the Allen Center at 740-566-8888 and speak with Jenny Klein about your concern. She will help determine the next best steps.