Turning Points

Turning Points is a college-required, weekly, intensive academic support program for some undergraduate students who have been reinstated to Ohio University. Students are required to participate during the first semester in which they re-enroll.

Students in the Turning Points program meet with academic coaches at no additional cost to complete a series of modules on topics including goal setting, time management, study skills, motivation, and accessing academic resources.

How Does Turning Points Work?

Turning Points is a program for students reinstated into Ohio University following academic dismissal.

Students who are required by their colleges to participate in Turning Points must sign their college reinstatement contracts. The terms of the contract include a requirement to participate in the Turning Points program. These students are assigned to a Turning Points coach and must sign an Academic Coaching Turning Points contract.

Advisors provide weekly reports of their student meetings to the colleges. Students participate in Turning Points for only one semester; at the end of the semester, depending upon their academic performance, students are removed from academic probation, continued on academic probation, or academically dismissed.

Keep Moving Forward

Stop focusing on what happened and start focusing on what moves you forward. It's our goal to help you find the resources and support you as you raise your GPA and create better habits.

Turning Points Strategies

Academic Probation 101