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Abu-Rish, Ziad

Lebanon, Jordan, and the Broader Levant, Middle East History, Social Movements and Popular Protests, State Building and Economic Development, U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Alexander, Andrew

Free Speech, Freedom of Information, Freedom of the Press, Journalism, Media Ethics, Open Records

Anderson, Cynthia , Ph.D.

Gender, Inflation Effects on Low-Income, Intersectionality, Low-Wage Labor, Poverty, Rural Sociology, Sexuality, Sociology, Women and Occupations, Working Poor

Antonuccio, Josh , M.Ed.

Audio Production, Immersive Media Production, Music Industry, Music Production, Sound Design, VR Teaching, Virtual Reality


Babrow, Austin

Climate Change Communication, Climate Disruption, Communication, Communication & Dialogue, Communication & Narrative, Communication Theory, Communicative Construction of Uncertainty and Risk, Environment, Environmental Communication, Environmental Justice, Environmental Restoration, Health Communication, Problematic Integration Theory, Risk Communication

Balbo, Jane

Contraception, Health Promotion, Integrative Medicine, LGBT Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Transgender Medicine, Wellness, Women's Health

Bates, Benjamin , Ph.D.

Advertising, American and British Foreign Policy, Campaign, Campaigns, Candidate Rhetoric and Debate, Debate, Election Advertising and Messaging, Elections, Health Interventions, Messaging, Political Advertising, Political Communication, Political Debates, Politics, Public Policy, Public Understanding of Science, Tactical Debating

Bautista, Delfin , MSW, MDiv.

Activism in Higher Education, Gender and Sexual Diversities, Intersectionality, LGBT Advocacy, LGBT Programming, LGBTQ Identities and Equality Issues, LGBTQ Identities in Higher Education, Queer Narratives in Appalachia, Religion and LGBTQ Identities, Religion, Gender, and Sexuality, SafeZone, Trans Identities and Equality Issues

Bayless, David , Ph.D.

Air Pollution Control, Algae, Algal Bio-fuels, Alternative Fuel, Bio-reactor, Biodiesel, Blue-Green Algae, Coal, Energy, Gassification of Coal and Biomass, Leadership Development, Mechanical Engineering, Power Generation, Shale, Shale Energy

Beeler, Lisa , Ph.D.

Classroom Diversity and Inclusion, First Generation College Experience, Market Research, Marketing, Professional Selling, Sales, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Bernstein, Neil W. , Ph.D.

Ancient Rome, Classical Literature, Epic Poetry, Kinship in Literature, Latin Language, Latin Literature, Quantitative Analysis of Latin Literature, Reception of Classical Literature, Rhetoric, Roman Declamation, Roman Literature, Tesserae Project

Berryman, Darlene , Ph.D., RD, LD

Aging, Biomedical Sciences, Diabetes, Dietetics, Fat Tissue, Metabolism, Nutrients, Nutrition, Obesity, Osteopathic Medicine

Beshah, Brook Hailu , Ph.D.

Africa, African Culture, African Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, African Media, African Peace and Security, African Regional Security, China in Africa, Development in Africa, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Globalization, Horn of Africa Regional Security, International Affairs, International Media Affairs, International Relations, International Security, Islam in Africa, Journalism, Public Advocacy, Public Diplomacy, Radical Islam, Terrorism in Africa, The African Diaspora in the US, The African Union, The United Nations, UNESCO

Bhat, Christine Suniti , Ph.D.

Bullying, Bullying Prevention, Counselor Education, Cyberbullying, Electronic Intimidation, Mental Health, Mental Health in Youth, Mental Illness, Mental Wellness and Thriving, Psychological Capital, Self-Esteem, Suicide Prevention, Wellness

Borges, Lucas , D.MA.

Brass Instruments, Brazilian Music, Classical Music, Trombone, Trombone and Brazilian Music

Botte, Gerardine "Gerri" , Ph.D.

Advanced Batteries, Advanced Electrowinning, Advanced Sensors for Microbial Enumeration, Alternative Fuel, Ammonia Disposal to Meet Better EPA Regulations, Biochemical Engineering, Biofuel, Electrochemical Conversion of Coal to High-Value Products, How Ammonia in Waste Water Impacts Surface Water, Air and Ground Water, Hydrogen Fuel, Hydrogen Production from Coal and Unconventional Feedstocks, Industrial Use of Waste Water to Fuel Energy – Military, Commercial Construction, Municipal Waste Water Facilities and Public and Private Farm Operations, Powering a Home with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Prototype Development for Commercial Use, Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal, Synthesis of Graphene and Nanosheets, Urine, Use of Urea Electrolysis to Reduce Nitrogen Oxide Emissions, Wastewater, Water Disinfection

Bowditch, John , M.A.

Augmented Reality, Game Design, Healthcare Simulation, Immersive Media, Video Games, Virtual Reality

Braasch, Michael , Ph.D.

Aeronautics, Airplanes, Aviation, Aviation Communication Systems, Aviation Safety, Aviation Surveillance, Drones, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Global Positioning System (GPS), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), Navigation Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Branham, Bryan

Aeronautics, Airplanes, Aviation, Aviation Flight Research, Aviation Safety, Decision Making, Flight Instruction, GPS Alternative Flight Testing, Global Positioning System (GPS), Helicopters, Military Aviation, Navigation Systems, NextGen, Risk Assessment and Management, Synthetic Vision, Test Pilot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Testing

Brannan, Robert , Ph.D.

Culinary Nutrition, Food Science, Sensory Analysis

Brown, Jennifaye V. , PT, Ph.D., NCS

AFO Fabrication via 3D Printing, Ankle Foot Orthosis, Cultural Competence, Cultural Humility, Diversity & Inclusion, Neuro-Developmental Treatment, Neurology Clinical Specialist - Physical Therapy, Post-Stroke Gait Analysis, Social Determinants of Health, Stroke, Stroke Rehabilitation

Brune, Carl , Ph.D.

Astrophysics, Low-Energy Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Physics

Buckley, Geoff , Ph.D.

Environmental History, Environmental Justice, Mining Landscapes, National Parks, Natural Resource Conservation, Public Lands (Parks and Forests), Resource Extraction (Coal and Other Minerals), Urban Sustainability

Burke, William J. , DO

Family Medicine, Graduate Medical Education, International Primary Care Development, Medical Education, Osteopathic Medicine, Primary Care, Undergraduate Medical Education


Carroll, Ronan , Ph.D.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Bacterial Diseases, Microbiology

Chen, Sandy , Ph.D.

Consumer Behavior, Customer Service, Guest Experience, Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Management, Intercultural Competence, Tourism

Clark, Brian , Ph.D.

Age-Related Loss of Mobility, Age-Related Muscle Weakness, Dynapenia, Frailty, Healthy aging, Sarcopenia

Clowe, Douglas , Ph.D.

Astronomy, Cosmology, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Galaxies, Gravitational Lensing

Collins, Brian , Ph.D.

Buddhism, Classics & World Religions, Comparative Religion, Hinduism, Myth and Ritual, Religion, Religion and the Occult, Religion in India, Religions in Asia, Theories of Religion

Consolo, Kitty , Ph.D.

Athletic Training, CPR, Distance Running, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Exercise Science, First Aid, Fitness, Health, Health Behavior, Health Promotion, Health Supplements, Nutrition, School Violence, Wellness, Worksite Wellness

Crist, Kevin , Ph.D.

Air Quality, Chemical Engineering, Pollution


Dabelko, Geoffrey , Ph.D.

Climate Change, Climate Change Policies, Conflict and Security Studies, Environment and Foreign Policy, Environmental Peacebuilding, Environmental Security, Environmental Studies, International Development, Water

Davis, Sarah C. , Ph.D.

Bioenergy, Biofuel, Carbon Cycling, Photosynthesis, Terrestrial Greenhouse Gas Fluxes


Edmondson, Aimee , Ph.D.

Communication, Communications Law, Convergence Journalism, Freedom of Information, Journalism, Law, Libel Law, Media Law, State Sunshine Laws


Felton-Koestler, Mathew , PhD

Common Core (Mathematics State Standards), Equity, Diversity, and Justice in Education, Mathematics Education, Ohio Learning Standards (Mathematics), Teacher Education, Teacher Professional Development

Fogt, Ryan , Ph.D.

Amundsen-Bellingshausen Seas Low, Antarctica, Athens Weather, Climate Change, Climatology, Global Warming, Meteorology, NOAA, National Weather Service, Ohio University Weather Lab, Recent Weather Events, StormReady Campus, Weather, Weather Stations

Francois, Emmanuel Jean

Cross-Cultural Competence, Cross-Cultural Understanding, Education, Global Diversity, Global Sustainability Education, International Student Issues, International Students and Immigration Issues, Public Funding for Higher Education, Teacher Education, Transnational Education

Franklin, Teresa , Ph.D.

Access to Mobile Technology, Curriculum Design, Educational Technology, Faculty Professional Development in the Integration of Technology for Teaching and Learning, Instructional Technology, International Education, Mobile Learning, Online Learning, Online Program and Course Development, Teacher Quality and Accreditation in International Higher Education Institutions

Franz, Berkeley , Ph.D.

Affordable Care Act, American religion, Community-based health, Evangelicalism, Hospitals, Opioid Abuse, Race and health, Religion and public policy, Urban and rural health disparities

Fredricks, Todd , D.O.

Civilian Applications of Combat Medicine, Veterans' Health Issues, Wounded Veterans and their Service Dogs

Föehl, Robert L. , J.D.

Business Ethics, Business Law, Consumer Financial Services, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate and Regulatory Compliance, Ethical Leadership, Risk Management


Gabler, Colin , Ph.D.

Consumer Behavior, Disasters and Supply Chain Management, Frontline employees balancing sales and service, Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Public-Private Partnerships and Supply Chain Resiliency, Sales, Sales Effectiveness, Scarcity and Consumer Decision-Making, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Marketing Strategy, Sustainable Practices

Ganeshan, Ashwini , Ph.D.

Hispanic Linguistics, Language and Gender, Linguistics, Politeness in Language, Spanish

Geringer, J. Michael , Ph.D.

Business Consulting, Business Simulation, Control of Foreign Ventures, Creative Destruction, Executive Education, Foreign Market Entry, International Business, International Business Cooperation, International Management, International Strategy, International Study Abroad, International Trade and Investment, Joint Ventures, Organizational Structure and Control, Strategic Alliances, Technology Entrepreneurship, Technology Start-ups, Venture Capital, Venture Creation

Greenwald, Marilyn

Arts Criticism, History of Print and Broadcast Journalism, Investigative Reporting, Journalism, Media literacy, Women in Media, Women's Studies

Grijalva, Mario J. , Ph.D.

Blood Supply Safety, Chagas Disease, Infectious Diseases, Latin America, Tropical Diseases

Grooms, Dustin , Ph.D.

Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Concussion, Kinesiology, Motor Control, Neuroimaging, Neuroplasticity, Neuroscience, Orthopedic Injury Evaluation, Orthopedics, Sports Injuries


Haven, Lisa Stein , Ph.D.

Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Comedy, English, Max Linder, Silent Film Comedy, Syd Chaplin, Women's Literature

Hodson, Thomas , J.D.

Criminal Law, Criminal Trials, First Amendment Rights, Journalism, Judicial Systems, Judiciary, Law, Media Relations, Ohio Law, Open Meetings, Prosecutor and Defense Techniques in Criminal Cases, Public Radio, Public Records, Public Television, Sandusky Trial, Sexual Abuse - Male Children, The Federal and State Court Systems, Trial Proceedings, U.S. Supreme Court

Houser, Jana , Ph.D.

Dynamic Pipe Effect, Geography, Meteorology, Rapid X-band Polarimetric Radar, Severe Weather, Storm Chasing, Supercell Storms, Supercells, Thunderstorms, Tornado Formation, Tornado Structure, Tornadoes, Tornadoes and Topography, Weather, Weather Radar

Houston, Akil , Ph.D.

African American Film/Film, African American Studies, Africana Cinema, Civil Rights Activism, Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Studies, Education, Hip Hop, Media Theory, Pop Culture

Howe, Cheryl , Ph.D.

Childhood Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease Risk Factors, Childhood Obesity, Energy Expenditure in Children, Free-Living Physical Activity Measurement, Pediatric Physical Activity Interventions, Physical Activity Interventions, Physical Activity Measurement


Ice, Gillian , Ph.D. MPH

AIDS, Africa, Aging, Biological Anthropology, Global Health, Grandparenting, HIV, Human Biology, Long-Term Care, Senior Parenting, Stress, Stress and Nutrition


Jain, Parul

Doctor Patient Communication, Entertainment and Health, Health Campaigns, International Medical Graduates/Foreign Doctors, Media and Health, Social Media

Janson, Gregory R. , Ph.D., PCC-S

Behavioral Intervention in Higher Education, Bullying, Clinical Counseling, Domestic Violence, Emotional Maltreatment, Forensic Evaluation, Forensic Examination, Foster Care and Severely Traumatized Children/Adolescents, Mental Health Assessment, Forensics, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Sexuality, Trauma Diagnosis & Treatment

Jaunarajs, Imants , M.A.

Brain Based Career Development, Career Development, Leadership Development

Jellison, Katherine , Ph.D.

Contemporary U.S. Politics, Elections, Farm Women, First Ladies of the United States, First Lady Studies, Gender in Politics, Political Campaigns, Political History, Politics, U.S. Marriage and Wedding Customs, U.S. Women and Agriculture, Wedding History, Women In Politics, Women's History, Women's Studies

Johnson, Kenneth H. , D.O., FAAO

Medical Education, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Primary Care


Kahler, James , MSA

Digital Media, Marketing, Media Relations, Media Rights, Social Media, Special Event Marketing, Sponsorship, Sports Administration, Sports Business, Sports Fan Consumer Behavior, Sports Franchise Relocation, Sports Marketing, Ticket Sales

Kaufman, Nicole , Ph.D.

Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law and Society, Non-Governmental Organizations in Social Policy, Political Sociology, Prisoner Reentry, Punishment and Society

Kauneckis, Derek , Ph.D.

Climate Adaptation, Climate Change Policies, Environmental Policy, Natural Resources Management

Keifer Kennedy, Marcy

Clinical Model of Teacher Preparation, PK-12 School and University Partnerships, Professional Development School (PDS) Partnership programming

Kendhammer, Brandon , Ph.D.

Boko Haram, Ethnic Politics, Islam in Africa, Nigeria, Nigerian Politics, Political Islam, Terrorism in Africa

Kessler, Greg , Ph.D.

Augmented Education, Designing Learning Environments, Designing Learning Experiences, Experiential Learning, Innovative Teaching, Social Media, Teacher Preparation for Technology Use, Technology in Education, Virtual Learning

Khan, M. Laeeq

Analytics, Communication, Digital Divide, Digital Divide in Rural Appalachia, Digital Engagement, Digital Identity, Digital Innovation, Digital Media, Fake News and Spread of Misinformation, Social Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Literacy, User-Generated Content

Kim, Sang-Soo , Ph.D.

Asphalt, Civil Engineering, Pavement, Roadway Construction, Roadway Materials, Roadway Repair, Roadway Repair Cost Reduction

Kingori, Caroline , Ph.D. MPH

AIDS, College Students' Health, Community-based Research, Global and Public Health, HIV, HIV Stigma, HIV and Non-Communicable Diseases, Immigrant and Refugee Health, Mental Health, Reproductive Health, Reproductive and Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Women's Health

Kirstein, Isaac , D.O., FACOI

Change in Health Care Delivery, Innovations in Care Delivery, Medical Education, Primary Care, Primary Care Physician Training, Transforming Primary Care Medical Education

Klein, Ian , M.S.

Anatomy, Athletic Injuries, Cross-Training, Exercise, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Fitness, Injury Rehabilitation, Kinesiology, Running, Sport Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries

Koestler, Courtney , Ph.D.

Common Core, Common Core (Mathematics State Standards), Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Equity, Diversity, and Justice in Education, Mathematics Education, Pre-K-8 Education, Schooling, Teacher Education, Teaching as Political

Kopchick, John , Ph.D.

Acromegaly, Aging, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Growth Hormone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Insulin, SOMAVERT

Kopish, Michael

Civic Education, Diversity, Inclusion, Differentiation and Literacy Practices, Education, Mentoring Practices for Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers, Professional Development through School-University Partnerships, Service Learning, Social Studies Education, Teacher Education, Youth Participation and Civic Engagement

Kremer, Gregory , Ph.D.

Appropriate Technology, Automotive Systems, Energy, Energy Conservation, Energy Production, Engineering Education, Mechanical Engineering Design, New Product Development, Professional Formation of Engineers, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy


LaPoe, Victoria , Ph.D.

Journalism, Minority Media, Polls, Social Media

Lawrence, Heather , Ph.D.

Business, Business of Crossfit/Competitive Adult Sport, CrossFit, Diversity in Sport, For-profit Sport, Gender and Sport, Intercollegiate Athletics, Intercollegiate Sports, Premium Seating in Professional Sport, Sport Event Management, Sport Facility Management

Leite, Randy , Ph.D.

Academic Leadership, Academic Reorganization, Administrative Leadership, Child Custody, Community Health Issues, Divorce, Custody and Non-residential Parenting, Family Public Policy, Father Involvement, Fatherhood, Higher Education Policy

Lincoln, Michael , M.F.A

Careers in Theater, Lighting Design, Professional Theater, Theater, Theatrical Production

Longenecker, Randall , M.D.

Health Equity for Rural Populations, Rural Graduate Medical Education (GME), Rural Health Professions Education, Rural Healthcare Ethics, Rural Medical Education, Rural Obstetrics, Rural Training Tracks


Martin, Bruce , Ph.D.

Adventure programming, Ecotourism, Education, Environmental Education, Environmental ethics, Experiential education, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Leadership, Outdoor Recreation

Martin, Hugh , Ph.D.

Citizen Journalism, Communication, Digital Media, Journalism, Media Economics, Media Management, New Journalism, Social Media and Journalism

Mass, Paul , J.D.

Cable Television and Broadband (Rural Areas), Data and Information Service Companies, Entrepreneurial Financing/Raising Capital for Start-ups, Entrepreneurship

Mattson, Kevin , Ph.D.

Crisis Situations and the Presidency, Democratic Party, Elections, Ideas in Relation to Trump's Presidency, Liberalism, Perception of Government, Political Campaigns, Political History, Politics, Politics and Higher Education, President Jimmy Carter, President Richard Nixon

McAvoy, Deborah , Ph.D.

Aging, Engineering Technology and Management, Highway Safety

McCall, Kelly , Ph.D.

Autoimmune Diseases, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Drug Discovery, Pancreatic Cancer, Tumor, Tumor Biology, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes

McCarthy, Brian , Ph.D.

American Chestnut, Forest Ecology, Invasive Plant Species

McCarthy, John , Ph.D.

AAC Systems Design, AAC in Children, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Children With Severe Disabilities, Communication Disorders, Interprofessional Communication, Interprofessional Education, Voice Performance

Michaud, Gilbert , Ph.D.

Community Renewables, Economic Development, Electric Utilities, Electricity Regulation, Energy Policy, Industry Clusters, Net Metering, Public Policy Theory, Solar Energy, State Politics, Workforce

Miles, Donald , Ph.D.

Amphibians, Birds, Climate Change, Drought Stress, Evolutionary Morphology, Global Warming, Life History Variation, Lizard Population and Extinction, Lizards, Species response to climate change

Miller, Jerry , Ph.D.

Advertising, Elections, Gender Communication, Gender in Politics, Messaging, Place-Based Pedagogy, Political Advertising, Political Campaigns, Political Communication, Political Debates, Politics, Public Deliberation

Miller, Scott , M.A.

Acid Mine Drainage, Air Quality Management, Economics, Energy, Environment, Geographic Info Systems, Interdisciplinary Research, Regional Development, Shale Industry, Terrestrial Habitats

Miner, Steven , Ph.D.

East European History, History of WW II, Russian Foreign Policy, Russian History, Russian History and Politics, Russian Politics, Foreign Policy and History, Soviet History, Ukrainian-Russian Conflict, World War II

Morrone, Michele , Ph.D.

Appalachia, Campus Sustainability, Environmental Health, Food Contamination, Food Safety, Health Disparities and Environmental Justice, Rural Health

Murphy, Erin , Ph.D

Bacterial Pathogenesis, Biomedical Sciences, Diarrheal Disease, RNA Molecules, Shigellosis


Nance, R. Damian , Ph.D.

19th Century Cornish Mining, 19th Century Steam Technology, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Climate Change, Continents, Geology, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Land Formations, Pangaea, Plate Tectonics, Structural Geology, Supercontinents

Nesic, Srdjan , Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering, Corrosion, Erosion, Pipeline Corrosion, Pipeline Integrity


O'Connor, Patrick , Ph.D.

Africa, Anatomy, Antarctica, Birds, Dinosaurs, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Morphology, Fossils, Paleontology, Vertebrate Morphology, Zoology

Obi, Greg C. , Ph.D.

African Leadership Issues, Comparative Leadership Paradigms, Cultural Impact on Management Practices, Gender and Minority Issues in Management, Technology Impact on Higher Education Teaching, Women in Management and Leadership

Owens, Julie , Ph.D.

ADHD Intervention Research, ADHD Myths & Misconceptions, ADHD in Children, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Behavioral Intervention Design, Classroom Management, Competence & Self-Perception of Competence, Psychology, School Interventions for Disruptive Behavior, Student Outcome Evaluation


Panagopoulos, Nick , Ph.D.

Sales Analytics, Sales Force Downsizing, Sales Force Performance, Sales Management, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Salesperson Well-being, Solution Selling

Paulins, Ann , Ph.D.

Consumer Behavior, Customer Service, Economy of retail, Ethical Decision Making, Fashion Choice Motives, Fashion Product Development, Professional Development, Retail Merchandising, Women and leadership

Pittaway, Luke , Ph.D.

Business, Business Growth, Corporate Venturing, Entrepreneurial Behavior, Entrepreneurial Failure, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Free Enterprise, Innovation, Leadership, Management Systems, Networking, New Ventures

Poggione, Sarah

American Politics, Legislative Politics, Policy Analysis, Political Campaigns, Politics, State Politics, Women In Politics


Rapp, Adam , Ph.D.

Diagnostic Selling, Leadership, Market Research, Millennials, Professional Selling, Sales, Sales Competency Building, Sales Effectiveness, Sales Leadership, Sales Training

Rawlins, William , Ph.D.

Communication, Communication & Dialogue, Communication & Friendships Across Life Course, Communication & Narrative, Communication in Public and Private Relationships, Cross-Sex Friendship, Cultural & Racial Friendship, Friendship and Music-Making, Interpersonal Communication

Ridpath, B. David , Ed.D.

Academic Integrity, Athlete/Coach issues, Governance Reform, Intercollegiate Athletics, Intercollegiate Athletics Governance, International Sports, Risk Management, Sponsorship, Sports Administration, Sports Governance, Sports Law, Sports Marketing

Riefler, Guy , Ph.D.

Acid Mine Drainage Reclamation, Algae Biofuels, Algae Growth for Biofuels and Carbon Capture, Bioremediation, Chemical Fate and Transport, Coal Mining Pollution, Environmental Chemical Analysis, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Modeling, Iron Nanoparticles for Remediation, Phytoremediation, Pollution Cleanup, Stormwater Treatment

Riggs, Karen , Ph.D.

Age Studies, Campus Activism, Content Curation, Cultural Studies, Digital Divide, Fake News, Media Arts and Studies, Qualitative Studies, Social Media, Social Networking, User-Generated Content

Ross, Steven

Cinematography, Digital Filmmaking, Documentary, Fiction Filmmaking, Film, Filmmaking, Videography

Ruhil, Anirudh , Ph.D.

Big Data, City Politics and Policy, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Health Analytics, Minority Representation, Policy Analysis, Program Evaluation, Public Health, Student Growth Measures, Value-Added Modeling, Voting Rights Act

Russell, Jeffrey A. (Jeff) , Ph.D., A.T., FIADMS

Athletic Training, Concussions in the Performing Arts, Dance Injuries, Dance Medicine, Marching Band Injuries, Music Injuries, Performing Arts Concussions, Performing Arts Health and Wellness, Performing Arts Injuries, Performing Arts Medicine, Sports Medicine, Theater and Entertainment Concussions


Sabraw, John

Art, Art Science Collaboration, Art and Science, Art in Academia, Environment, Environmental Art, Painting, Pigments, Sustainability, Sustainable Practices

Sandal, Nukhet A. , Ph.D.

Foreign Policy, International Conflicts, Middle Eastern Politics, Religion and Politics, Terrorism

Sargand, Shad , Ph.D.

Civil Engineering, Civil Infrastructure in Developing Nations, Pavement, Perpetual Pavement, Roadway Construction, Roadway Materials

Scanlan, Stephen , Ph.D.

Environmental Justice, Environmental sociology, Food Insecurity, Food justice, Hunger, Hunger and food insecurity, Poverty, Social Movements and Popular Protests, Sociology

Schoen, Brian , Ph.D.

American Civil War, American Slavery and the South, Early American Republic, Early U.S. Foreign Policy, Early U.S. History, Intellectual History of Capitalism, Value of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Sergeev, Alexander , M.D., Ph.D., MPH

Atherosclerosis, Atherosclerosis Related Diseases, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Comparative Effectiveness Research, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Social and Public Health

Shatz, Mark , Ph.D.

Classroom and Instructional Humor, Comedy, Communication, Death and Dying, Humor, Humor Writing, Physician Communication, Psychology

Simon, Jennifer , MBA, MPA

Building Rural Entrepreneurship Networks, Business Incubation, Business Incubation in a University Setting, Culture of Regional Innovation, Economic Development, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Networks, Innovation Networks, Public Administration, Regionally Dispersed Innovation Networks, Small Business, Technology Commercialization

Skinner, Daniel , Ph.D.

Affordable Care Act, Health Policy, Hospitals, Medicaid, Medical Humanities, Medicare, Ohio's Opioid Crisis, Political Science, Political Theory, Politics, Social Medicine, State Politics and Policy

Smith , Charles

African American Theater, Artist Roles in Today's Political, Social and Cultural Climate, Artistic Voice and Vision, Creative Writing, Playwriting, Theater

Starkey, Chad , Ph.D.

Athletic Injuries, Athletic Injury, Athletic Training, High School Athletic Health Care, Injury Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Injury Evaluation, Outreach, Rural Healthcare, Sport Rehabilitation, Sports Administration, Sports Epidemiology and Injuries, Sports Injuries in Medically Underserved Areas, Sports Medicine, Therapeutic Modalities

Stevens, Nancy , Ph.D.

Biodiversity Conservation, Ecotourism, and the World's Most Endangered Primates, Dinosaurs, Ecotourism, Environmental Change Through Time, Extinction Dynamics, Field and Laboratory Studies in Locomotor Kinematics, Fossils, Paleogene-Neogene Faunas from Afro-Arabia, Paleontology, Paleontology in the East African Rift

Stewart, Robert , Ph.D.

Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, Media History, Television news

Sweeney, Michael , Ph.D.

American news media war coverage from Mexican-American War to Today, Citizen Journalism, Communication, Communication & Narrative, History of Journalism, History of Propaganda, History of U.S. Wartime Censorship, History of Wartime Journalism, Journalism, Media Relations


Taylor, Jim , Ph.D.

Criminal Justice, Criminology, Deviant Behavior, General Deviance and Crime, Gun Control, Gun Culture, Gun Violence, Inequality, Masculinity, Mass Public Shootings, Self-Harm, Self-Injury, Social Problems, Sociology

Tikkanen, Stephanie , Ph.D.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Impression Management, Interpersonal Communication, Online Communication, Online dating, Self-Presentation Online, Social Media, Social Media and Relationships, Social Support, Special Needs Parents

Trauschweizer, Ingo , Ph.D.

Cold War, International Relations, Military History, NATO, National Security, Strategy and Policy, Transatlantic Relations, US Alliances, War and Society

Trembly, Jason , Ph.D.

Biomass Conversion, Chemical Engineering, Clean Coal Technology, Coal, Hydraulic Fracturing, Hypersaline Brine Treatment, Life Cycle Assessments, Nutrient Recovery, Process Economics, Sustainable Energy, Wastewater


Vinci, Tony M. , Ph.D.

Exopedagogy (Emerging Teaching Practices in the Humanities), Film and Television, Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy, Popular Literature and Culture, Posthumanism, Trauma Studies

Vis, Morgan , Ph.D

Acid Mine Drainage, Algae, Algae Species, DNA Sequencing, Red Algae, Red Tree of Life, Stream Nutrients, Stream Reclamation, Water Chemistry, Water Monitoring, Water Pollution


Witmer, Lawrence , Ph.D.

Anatomy, Dinosaurs, Evolution, Fossils, Paleontology, Science Communication, Vertebrate Morphology

Wolf, Jacqueline , Ph.D.

History of Biomedical Ethics, History of Birth and Breastfeeding Practices in the U.S., History of Cesarean Section in the U.S., History of Obstetrics, History of Pediatrics, History of Public Health, History of Women's and Children's Health


Young, Nerissa , MAJ

Journalism Education, Journalism Ethics, Journalism and Trauma, Media Law, Suicide Reporting


Zhou, Yuchun , Ph.D.

Item Response Theory, Measurement and Evaluation, Mixed Methods, Psychometric Methods, Quantitative Data Analysis, Research Methodology, Scale Development, Structural Equation Modeling, Test Theory

Zoccola, Peggy , Ph.D.

Cortisol, Emotions, Inflammation, Physiological Stress, Psychological Stress, Psychology, Rumination, Stress, Stress Hormones, Thought Processes, Worry