Tutoring Services

We know that managing your coursework and succeeding academically can be challenging.


Tutoring Services will be offering Summer Tutoring

The Math and Science Center will be open for appointment or drop-in sessions, outside of Alden 101. Please note that the Center will be available during Summer Session I from 12 – 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday. For information on specific tutor availabilities and course offering please see the Math and Science Center Drop-In Sheet.

Be advised that the above link is not static and will be updated weekly as tutor availabilities will fluctuate week-to-week.

While making an appointment through TutorTrac for these sessions is available as an option it is likely that drop-in spots will be readily accessible during the Summer Sessions.

Tutoring Services—and the other services of the Academic Advancement Center—are here for you. Tutoring Services is your central source of academic support at Ohio University. We offer appointments and drop-in sessions where you can meet with a fellow Bobcat who will work with you to master your content. This peer can also guide you to study smarter, take better notes, and remain cool and confident during exams.

We offer various programs (for free or at low-cost) for many courses on campus.

Visit today and start working toward your full academic potential. Find us in the AAC in Alden Library 101. Email tutoring@ohio.edu  for more information.