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Exploring passions through coursework leads graduate to social work

Delaware, Ohio native Andrew Wright stands tall among his peers as he prepares to graduate from Ohio University Southern with the esteemed title of Outstanding Graduate.

While earning an Associate in Arts with a Social Sciences emphasis, Wright has challenged himself while exploring different subjects to find his passion.

As a non-traditional student, when Wright successfully completed his first year of instruction with positive marks, he knew he was capable of continuing on that trajectory.

“I realized that there is more than just a possibility of successfully completing college at an older age – while working full-time and raising children, to boot,” he said.

Choosing Ohio University was a strategic decision for Wright.

"It offered the degree I wanted while being conveniently located and affordable," he explains. And his choice proved to be fruitful, with supportive faculty like Dr. Glenn Abraham leaving a lasting impact.

"Professor Abraham greatly increased my awareness of social work and its need in today's world," Wright said, expressing his newfound aspiration to extend his reach beyond treatment services.

Yet, Wright’s journey wasn’t without its challenges, especially in his first semester.

"My first semester was the hardest hill I had to climb," he admits. "I felt overwhelmed with the coursework and unsure if I could make it. I was able to overcome it by communicating with my professors and learning much-needed skills, such as organization and not procrastinating.”

Despite the hurdles, Wright cherishes fond memories of "Laughing in class with other students and sharing stories and knowledge with people who soon became friends.”

Looking ahead, Wright’s plans are ambitious yet grounded.

"I aim to continue working full time in the addiction field with a higher license, while also attending school full time to continue toward my BSW,” he said.

As he prepares to embark on the next chapter of his journey, Wright offers sage advice to incoming Ohio University students: "Challenge yourself! Explore different subjects and find what your passions are in life."

With his determination and commitment to service, Wright exemplifies the essence of an Outstanding Graduate, leaving a legacy of inspiration for future generations at Ohio University Southern.

April 25, 2024
Staff reports