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Undecided and Undeclared Majors

At University College, we see being undecided as being unbound, unlimited, and open to everything Ohio University has to offer. We hope you are never made to feel unambitious or uninspired. It's why we're here and what we're all about. We're an engaged network of individuals, all dedicated to helping you plot out a successful first year and beyond: uninhibited, unafraid, and on your way to greatness.

University College serves both undecided and undeclared students who are exploring the University’s options before selecting a major and degree program.




OHIO is decidedly the best choice.

Approximately 25% of first-year students enter Ohio University without declaring a major. Students that do not declare a major within their first year with OHIO are normally not at risk of falling behind other students with a major.

Academic Advising is the highest priority of University College. Our professional and adjunct advisors strive to help you choose and launch your career at Ohio University, to help you explore academic and career options, and to assist you with decisions about how you can best use the University to promote your learning and development.

Major Exploration

Hannah Kaufman

"My University College advisor was always there to help guide me into finding my major. She went over my grades, classes, prerequisites and took the time to narrow down my interests. I am now pursuing a business degree, which will help me to own my own business in the future."

— Hannah Kaufman, business major; started as an undecided major

Meg Tobin

“Entering as an undecided student in University College was the truly the best decision I could have made for myself. I was able to pick a learning community with a cluster of classes that was focused in visual communications and public relations. Through those weekly seminar classes I was able to explore the nine colleges Ohio University offers, as well as the many majors available at OHIO.” 

— Meg Tobin, communications major; started as undecided


While a student’s academic record may be strong enough for admission to the University, it may not qualify him or her for the more competitive admissions standards of certain colleges and programs. In that case, a student would enroll as "undeclared." University College helps students establish a record at Ohio University and pairs them with a specifically-trained academic advisor that can advise them on the prerequisites and internal transfer application process for the selective program of interest.

Please note that a student must declare a major within one semester of completing a total of 45 semester hours of college-level work. External transfer students may complete two semesters of full-time enrollment in University College before they must declare a major, regardless of their total hours earned.

Majors changes are effective the first seven weeks of the semester.

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