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Undecided and Undeclared Majors

Undecided and Undeclared Majors

University College serves both undecided and undeclared students who are exploring the University’s options before selecting the right major and degree program.

We see being undecided as being unbound, unlimited, and open to everything Ohio University has to offer. Our professional advisers will help you to plot out a successful first year of exploration and discovery and prepare you to declare your major by the end of your first year at OHIO. Our undecided students are uninhibited, unafraid, and on their way to greatness!




OHIO is decidedly the best choice.

Approximately 15% of first-year students enter Ohio University before declaring a major.

University College offers the freedom, flexibility, and structure to find the right program of study for you. You’ll build connections that help make the transition to college life, complete general education requirements, and learn more about your choices through your first-year Learning Community. Our supportive advisers and welcoming, experience-driven approach will help you choose your major by the end of your first year and stay on track for a timely graduation.

Close to 70% of college students change their major at least once and approximately 20-50% begin their college experience unsure of their major or career goals. So not only is it ok to enter college undecided, it’s also normal to question and explore majors once you get to college.

How to pick a major

In your first-year Learning Community you’ll learn more about your academic options and begin exploring majors, while you build connections that help make the transition to college life and complete general education requirements. You’ll gather more information at the annual fall majors fair and prepare to declare a major with the support of one-on-one advising. You’ll engage in self-reflection, ask questions, explore opportunities, and leverage campus resources as part of a journey of discovery to help you select the major that fits you best. Be patient with yourself as you navigate this journey and give yourself time to gather the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Explore OHIO Majors

Attend the Fall Majors Fair

Hannah Kaufman

"My University College advisor was always there to help guide me into finding my major. She went over my grades, classes, prerequisites and took the time to narrow down my interests. I am now pursuing a business degree, which will help me to own my own business in the future."

— Hannah Kaufman, business major; started as an undecided major

Meg Tobin

“Entering as an undecided student in University College was the truly the best decision I could have made for myself. I was able to pick a learning community with a cluster of classes that was focused in visual communications and public relations. Through those weekly seminar classes I was able to explore the nine colleges Ohio University offers, as well as the many majors available at OHIO.” 

— Meg Tobin, communications major; started as undecided


While your academic record may be strong enough for admission to Ohio University, it may not qualify you for the more competitive admissions standards of certain colleges and programs. In that case, you may enroll as "undeclared." University College helps undeclared students establish a record at OHIO and pairs them with a specifically-trained academic adviser that can advise them on the prerequisites and internal transfer application process for the selective program of interest.

Declare a Major

You may be a good fit to start your college career as an undecided or undeclared major if you:

  • Are unclear about how to pick a major
  • Need guidance about when you have to pick a major in college
  • Feel like you can't pick a major just yet
  • Have too many interests to pick a career
  • Would like some initial exploratory time during the beginning of your college career