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Melissa Thomas

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Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, OUHCOM
Grosvenor Hall 350

Hometown: Newport, Ohio

I am available for: Meetings in My Office, Coffee, Lunch, Email Conversations, Phone Conversations

Why do you want to be an OHIO First Scholars Advocate? 
Not only do I understand the experience of being the only person in one’s family to ever go to college, I also know the feeling of being the only family member to ever leave home from a small Appalachia town and move to the largest university in the country in a big city with no friends and family nearby. Being a fist-gen student from Appalachia required learning so many new cultures and customs very quickly, and it was difficult at times to share with my family since they had never experienced college life. I am so happy that OU has provided this opportunity to help students transition and thrive and want to give back any way I can to make the college experience as rewarding as possible.