Ohio University

Cadet Life

A Typical Bobcat Battalion cadet week

As a Bobcat Battalion cadet/student, you will be part of a small fellowship of Ohio University students who have committed themselves to national service, in training to be soldier/leaders. Our first-year cadets begin their academic lives as part of the Army ROTC Learning Community, living together in Tiffin Hall. You and your fellow cadets will meet three mornings per week for physical training, and every Wednesday you will “show your colors” by wearing the Army ACU uniform to class. This chart shows what the normal expectation is for a cadet. Each cadet will take ONE military science class per week and attend leadership lab on Wednesday and physical training on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat Sun
0600 Physical Training 0600 Remedial PT 0600 Physical Training 0600 Physical Training 0600 Remedial PT    
      0900 Junior Class 0900 Junior Class    
1000 Freshman Training 1000 Freshman Training 1000 Sophomore Class        
1100 Freshman Training 1100 Freshman Training          
No Classes            
1300 Sophomore Class 1300 Sophomore Class   1300 Freshman Class 1300 Freshman Class    
    1500 Leadership Lab        


As a student/cadet, you will find there is, a group of students, cadre members, and academic experts standing by to ensure your academic experience at Ohio University is the best it can be. Our priority for you as a cadet/student is:

  1. Ensuring your academic success 
  2. Physical Fitness - the Bobcat Battalion prides itself in creating physically fit leaders. Our physical fitness program will set you up to “lead from the front” in all physical endeavors.
  3. Preparing you to be a moral and ethical leader.

Cadet Testimonials


Cadet Erin Muri: “The Bobcat Battalion is more than just a future career to me, it is a family. The cadre that work with the cadets care so much about you, your future, and your goals. Everyone who is a part of the Bobcat Battalion work as hard as they can to help you in any way. Not only do you obtain lifelong friends, but you are taught lessons and learn leadership skills that will last you a lifetime. The opportunities that are available to you by being a part of the Bobcat Battalion are endless. Not only have I been able to go through Basic Combat Training and AIT as an SMP cadet, but I get a taste of the Army lifestyle while I am a college student as well. Being a part of this amazing organization is truly the best of both worlds.”






Cadet Rebecca Drakulic: “Excellence. It's in everything we do at the Bobcat Battalion. Strive for excellent grades, physical fitness, character and the best cadre and friends you could hope for. You won't be the same person when you leave here. You'll be part of a family, an officer in the United States Army and a graduate of Ohio University. I can't think of anything better than that.”






Cadet Spyro Boursinos: “The Bobcat Battalion sets the standard! …A professional and truly motivational group of people all studying and living in the same place. Everyone helps each other as if they are family. I'm lucky to call myself a member of the Bobcat Battalion.”