Ohio University

Relocating Students

Students who are relocating will find valuable information about orientation, academic support, student services, residential housing, and connecting to the Athens community.

If you are currently enrolled at one of the five OHIO regional campuses and plan to relocate to the Athens Campus next term, you should plan to attend the next available Relocate Day. This orientation program will acquaint you with all the resources, places, and services available in Athens, as well as academic advising and priority registration for the next term.

Steps to take 

Attend Relocate Day

If you plan to attend the Athens Campus to complete your degree, register to attend Relocate Day. These one-day orientation programs are held each fall and spring semester on the Athens Campus and will inform you about resources and services available in Athens. You will also meet advisors from your major and register for classes before all other undergraduate students. Visit the Bobcat Student Orientation website to register for Relocate Day.

Be aware of Requirements to Relocate

The Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog states, “Relocation [for students from a regional campus] is possible for any semester, though you must have earned at least 12 credit hours of coursework that is not developmental or remedial on the regional campus with a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA to be eligible for relocation."

Complete FAFSA and Visit Financial Aid Office

To be eligible for financial aid, you must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Consider visiting the Financial Aid office in Chubb Hall 020 or calling 740-593-4141 to make sure your financial aid is in order. The Financial Aid Office's website provides information about scholarships and additional funding options. You may also consider using websites such as FastWeb to find scholarships and grants to help you pay for college.

Make a Housing Plan

Ohio University requires that all first- and second-year students reside on campus and participate in a meal plan for two academic years (4 semesters). In most cases this period comprises the freshmen and sophomore years at OHIO.

  • Consideration for housing exemption is given for those relocating students who can demonstrate two full years attending an accredited institution of higher education after high school graduation. Credit towards exemption eligibility from the housing requirement will not be given for college study completed while attending high school.
  • Other exceptions to the rule requiring on-campus housing exist for commuters, students 23 years of age and older, military veterans, and other categories.
  • Students wishing to be exempted from university housing and/or meal plan must submit a housing exemption request form for review and approval.
  • If you will be living on campus, complete the Notice of Relocation to the Athens Campus form.
  • If you will be living off campus you may find some useful tools from the Office of Off-Campus Living.
  • If you are commuting from home, we do have a commuter student lounge for your use in Bromley Hall. For more information email the University College office.

Dining/Meal Plans

If you are required to reside in university-owned housing, you must also enroll in an associated meal plan. Any of the meal plan options meet this requirement.

Apply for Parking

If you will be commuting, you will need to purchase a commuter-parking pass. If you are living on campus in a residence hall, you can apply for a student-parking pass if you have earned more than 30 credit hours. Visit the Parking Services website for more information on student parking options.

Decide about Health Coverage

Major medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all Athens Campus students. Domestic students enrolled for seven or more credit hours will automatically be enrolled in and billed for a policy offered by Ohio University. Students who do not wish to purchase the policy offered by Ohio University must waive it on their My OHIO Student Center by the third Friday of each semester.

Get Involved

Getting involved on campus is one way to make your college experience the best it can be. OHIO has a number of registered student organizations. If you like volunteering, you can look into opportunities available by checking out the Community Service page. If you are interested in student life on the Athens Campus, check out the Campus Involvement Center.

Use Academic Support Resources

The Academic Advancement Center, located in Alden Library 101, offers programs and services to enable students to meet the academic demands of university work. Services include a tutoring referral service, walk-in math and science assistance centers, supplemental instruction (SI), a computer learning lab, and a writing center. Instruction in college study skills, computing skills, and reading skills is also available.

Register with Student Accessibility Services (if applicable)

Students who were registered with Student Accessibility Services on a regional campus will need to re-register once they come to the Athens Campus. You should request that your current campus accessibility services representative send your information to the Athens office and schedule a time to meet with your new Accessibility Services Advisor. Please visit the Student Accessibility Services website or call 740-593-2620 for more information.

On-Campus Jobs

General information about on-campus jobs can be found on the Financial Aid website. The page lists information about local jobs in Athens, Federal Work-Study jobs, hourly jobs on campus, and PACE (Program to Aid Career Exploration) jobs available to students. Another good site to use when looking for on-campus jobs is the Ohio University HR website.

Find Your Way Around

This collection of maps lists all university buildings, dining and residence halls, plus more.

Childcare Assistance

The University operates a child development center in coordination with the Early Childhood Education program. Spaces are limited. However, other licensed private and public childcare options are available in the Athens area.

Academic Questions

If you have academic questions, please contact the student services representative for your college of choice:

  • University College
    Chubb Hall 140, 740-593-1935
  • College of Arts and Sciences
    Randy Price, Wilson Hall 100 (College Green), 740-593-2844
  • College of Business
    Mike Bila, Copeland Hall 214, 740-593-2000
  • Scripps College of Communication
    Greg Moeller, Schoonover Center 123, 740-593-0246
  • Patton College of Education
    Maureen Coon, Lindley Hall 052A, 740-593-1302
  • Russ College of Engineering and Technology
    Grace Saller, Stocker Center 157, 740-593-1573
  • College of Fine Arts
    Maureen Wagner, Kantner Hall 307C, 740-593-9355
  • College of Health Sciences and Professions
    Rebecca Zuspan, Grover Center W370, 740-593-9334

Visit the Bobcat Student Orientation website to register for Relocate Day