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OHIO Fellows is a non-traditional scholars program — an individually tailored, interactive educational encounter that unlocks and advances the inherent potential in students. The Ohio Fellows program fosters in-depth learning and engagement through close collaboration with faculty, peers, and alumni.

The deadline to apply to the Ohio Fellows Program is March 8, 2019.

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Student Feedback

James Chrisman

For me, the Fellows boils down to having your ideas and your ambitions taken seriouslyand then having those ideas challenged and those ambitions facilitated. I started a literary journal this year, which would be nonexistent without the support of the Fellows, and this experience is now the crux of my internship applications. My Fellows mentor, Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath, also brought me along with her to a meeting with Tricycle Magazine, where I had the privilege of observing the professional version of my current passion projects.

Tristan Cormack

The Ohio Fellows program is remarkable because it provides an opportunity for a diverse group of students to comfortably discuss pertinent topics. It brings together students that work well with each other but otherwise wouldn't have an opportunity to meet as we are all in different majors and colleges. It has helped me broaden my horizons and feel much less anxious about deciding what path to take. The Fellows Program will bring you in contact with successful alumni, a lot of whom, like me, were unsure of what path they would take when they were in school. This has given me hope and makes things a little less stressful amid the overwhelming amount of choices and decisions that we face at this time in our lives.


Camille Rose Smith

The Ohio Fellows program has not only given me the resources and support I need to reach my goals, but they've also pushed me to bigger and better aspirations. We are given the opportunity to learn from experts in different fields, open our minds to others' beliefs and opinions, and explore our own interests through our mentors and peers. I will be the first to admit that I didn't know what I was getting into when I first applied for this program, but through the interview process, I was able to realize that the Ohio Fellows was definitely something I needed to be a part of. Little did I know, that this program would become a major asset to my life. The Faculty Fellows are always there to challenge my thinking, but also offer support and clarity. I look forward to the next two and a half years in the program.



Ten Ohio Fellows students and two staff traveled from Athens, Ohio to Jackson Hole on May 1st for a week of outdoor exploration and leadership education at the Teton Science Schools. They spent the week exploring Grand Teton National Park and learning how to use systems thinking and an understanding of ecological systems to inform their leadership practices.

Video made by Brett Maszczak (Sophomore; OHIO Fellow) New York City Trip, December 2014