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Time Management

In latest Student Engagement Survey, more than 78% students reported sometimes struggling with time management. Too often it seems there is not enough time to get everything done! Especially during "crunch times."

Some common concerns students often have:

  • How much time should I plan for studying and when is the best time?
  • What is the appropriate balance between my studies and my personal time?
  • How do I set up a schedule and time management system that works for me?

How to get Massive Loads of Work Done Every Day

Is there a secret to getting a lot of work done? Thomas Frank explains how he handles distractions!

Evaluate and Guide Your Time Management

How busy am I?

Determine how you spend a typical week.

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Helpful planning calendars

These helpful calendars can be printed and posted in your dorm of office. We highly recommend using these for overall semester planning of major exams and projects and for weekly plans and special study planning for upcoming test and papers.

Getting Organized Tools

The College InfoGeek has compiled a list of helpful resources and links for organizational tools from backpacks to helpful Time Management Apps.

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Calendaring and a 3 Tier System
for Getting Stuff Done

Looking for ideas of how to organize the many different task and scheduling tasks before you each week? This video explains one person's system that can be adapted to suit your needs and style.