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Learning Community Leader Application

Learning Communities (LC) at Ohio University are designed to improve the academic success and retention of new, primarily first-year, students by creating learning-based peer networks. In each community, a group of up to 25 students are co-enrolled in a set of thematically linked courses. One learning community leader is assigned to each of the Learning Communities.

Learning Community Programs is an equal access/equal opportunity and affirmative action employer with a strong commitment to building and maintaining a diverse workforce. Undergraduate students of all races, ethnic groups, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, national origins, cultures, socioeconomic classes, abilities, ways of thinking, geographic regions, and religions are strongly encouraged to apply.

LCL applications will be accepted until February 3, 2020.

Faculty and Staff Nominations

Are you a faculty or staff member who knows of a student who may be a great fit for this position? If so, please contact Kris Kumfer, Director of Learning Community Programs, at kumfer@ohio.edu.

Job Description

Learning Community Leaders serve as a positive role model and a resource for students in the LCs during the semester. They help facilitate the students’ adjustment to Ohio University while working with the students in and out of the classroom. During fall semester, learning community leaders:

  • Assist the LC instructor with the planning and preparation for the core course in the learning community (1-2 hours a week.) It is expected that the learning community leader attends each class, teach at least one lesson during the semester, and help facilitate class discussion.
  • Plan and organize multiple themed, outside-of-class activities including an informal faculty gathering, that will acquaint the students in their community with the resources of Ohio University and Athens.
  • Obtain a copy of the syllabus for each linked course and hold study sessions for the students in their community.
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with other learning community leaders and a graduate student supervisor.
  • Are compensated for working up to ten hours per week at $8.80 per hour.


Sunday, April 5, 2020 and Friday, August 21, 2020

Only applicants who attend both of these trainings will be considered for an LCL position. Please mark these two dates in your calendar if you choose to apply to be a Learning Community Leader.

Qualifications and Characteristics

A learning community leader should be a full-time Ohio University student, with preference given to undergraduates. Applicants must:

  • be a current Ohio University student in good academic standing;
  • minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2;
  • free of pending judicial charges and judicial probation during the semester of employment;
  • must be able to attend LCL training;
  • have a genuine desire to work with students;
  • have the ability to relate to students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities;
  • be sensitive to transition concerns and problems faced by new students;
  • be knowledgeable about student services, campus resources, and student activities;
  • be comfortable initiating contact with faculty members and planning activities to involve them;
  • be willing to learn and grow; and
  • have the ability and desire to work as a team.


To apply to be an LCL, you will complete an online application. Part of the application is responding to six open-ended questions. These prompts are listed below so you can prepare your answers before beginning the application.

 Applications will be accepted until Monday, February 3, 2020.

  1. Why are you interested in becoming a Learning Community Leader?
  2. What motivates you to want to work with new students?
  3. What knowledge, skills, and abilities will you bring to the Learning Community Team?
  4. Why is understanding and appreciating diversity important in working with new students?
  5. As a Learning Community Leader, how do you envision helping students to successfully transition to Ohio University?
  6. Is there anything else about you or your experience that you believe we should consider when making our hiring decisions?

Want More Information?

Visit our office in Chubb Hall 060, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or contact us with your questions or concerns