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OHIO First Scholars Program Benefits

Supplemental Academic Advising

First-Generation students may seek supplemental academic advising by appointment or during walk-in hours in the Allen Center (Alden Library 230).

For advising by appointment call the Allen Student Advising Center at 740-566-8888.

What do students have to say about us?

"It was helpful to know I had someone I could talk to and get advice from at any time. She listened to my issues and tried to guide me on a path that would fit my interests best."

"She understood my struggle and gave me helpful resources."


OHIO First Scholars covers the cost of up to four hours per week of peer tutoring through the Academic Achievement Center most commonly referred to as the AAC, located in Alden Library for all Athens Campus undergraduate, first-generation college students.

Free Tutoring

  • First-Generation students do not need to do anything to "sign up" for free tutoring!

  • OHIO First Scholars automatically signs you up each semester!
  • To take advantage of this opportunity, just schedule tutoring appointments via TutorTrac.

For more information about tutoring at the AAC, see the Tutoring Services website.


An informed student is a prepared student.


Throughout the academic year first-generation college students receive communication from our program inviting them to participate in our programs and attend first-gen events. We also send helpful and informative messages on a variety of topics to new first-generation college students on a weekly basis throughout their first year at OHIO.


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The OHIO First Scholars can connect students to dedicated faculty and staff mentors who can support them through their college journeys, answer questions, and serve as valuable resources.

Seminar Class

Each spring term, OHIO First Scholars offers a first-gen seminar class (UC1500) that supports first-gen students in exploring their first-gen identities and connecting with other first-gen students.