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Commuter Student Services

Commuter Student Services Coronavirus Response

Advisors are here to support you and help you navigate this time of distance learning. Supplemental Advising (SI) is still available to commuter students via Teams or phone. Follow the instructions on the Allen Student Advising Center web page to schedule an advising appointment. The Allen Center will remain in contact with Commuter Students via regular email newsletters.

Commuter Student Services

Commuters students are an important and growing population of students on the Athens campus. The Allen Center and the Department of Housing and Residence Life partner to advocate for the needs of, and support the balancing of commuting and academic success for commuter students. If you are a first-year or second-year Ohio University student, please complete and submit the Commuter Application so you can begin to take advantage of the opportunities for Ohio University commuters.

You are a commuter student if you meet one of the following definitions:

  • First-year commuter: A new student to Ohio University, first time college student who is in their first academic year (summer, fall, or spring) who resides with their parent(s) or a legal guardian whose permanent residence (as defined by University guidelines) is within 50 driving miles of Athens
  • Second-year commuter: A student, who entered as a first year student, but is now in their second academic year of attendance at the university who resides with their parent(s) or a legal guardian whose permanent residence (as defined by University guidelines) is within 50 driving miles of Athens
  • Upper-class commuter: A student, who was a first or second year commuter student, but is now in their third or more academic year in attendance at the university who continues to resides with their parent(s) or a legal guardian or chooses to reside off campus.

Find Support

Allen Student Advising Center
Alden Library 230

Academic Advising

Academic resources, scheduling questions, advising inquiries, and transition requirements to colleges can be addressed during an advising session. Please contact your college's student services office for an appointment. You may also reach out to the Allen Student Advising Center in for supplemental advising. Allen Center advisors can be reached in person in Alden 230, by email at advisingcenter@ohio.edu or by phone at 740-566-8888.

Tutoring Services

The Allen Center covers the cost of up to four hours per week of peer tutoring through the Academic Achievement Center most commonly referred to as the AAC, located in Alden Library for all Athens Campus undergraduate commuter students.

Free Tutoring

  • Commuter students do not need to do anything to sign up for free tutoring.
  • The Allen Center will automatically sign up any student with an active commuter exemption each semester.
  • To take advantage of this opportunity, just schedule tutoring appointments via TutorTrac.

For more information about tutoring at the AAC, see the Tutoring Services website.

Veteran and Commuter Lounge

The veteran and commuter lounge is located in Bromely Hall (photo below). Students must register at the beginning of each year for access to the Veteran and Commuter Lounge. (Information will be sent automatically to the Office of Housing & Residence Life in the Living Learning Center on South Green.) Once you register you will receive access to Bromely Hall via OHIO ID card swipe. The veterans and commuter lounge includes lockers, a refrigerator, microwave, tables, chairs, computers, TV and couches. Visit the Housing & Residence Life website to register and view community expectations.


Meal Plan

Meal plans are available at affordable prices for commuter students, which can be used at a variety of on campus Culinary Service locations. Apply online to purchase an "Off-Campus Meal Plan."

Bromley Hall

Home of the Veteran and Commuter Lounge (See Map & Tour Page)