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Bachelor of Specialized Studies

The Bachelor of Specialized Studies (B.S.S.) program allows students to create an individualized, multidisciplinary degree program tailored to their individual interests and needs. In collaboration with faculty partners and a B.S.S. academic advisor, students design an area of concentration that stands as the equivalent of pre-established major.

The B.S.S. is a great fit for students who would like to combine courses from different academic departments to create a unique major and for students who have interests and career goals not met by a current Ohio University major.

Typically, the Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree is not an appropriate degree program for someone who has previously completed a bachelor’s degree. In special circumstances, a person who has completed a prior bachelor’s degree may petition the director of degree programs to seek permission to apply for and complete the B.S.S. degree. Additionally, the B.S.S. program is not an appropriate choice as a second-degree program (double major).

The B.S.S. program is available on all Ohio University campuses, including OHIO Online.

Please explore our website and call us at 740.593.1935 with any questions left unanswered.

We look forward to helping you design a degree unique to you!


B.S.S. Spotlight 


Meet Leanne Ford and hear how she charted her own path with the help of the B.S.S. degree. When she couldn't find a major that fit at Ohio University, Leanne designed her own degree. With the flexibility of the specialized studies major, she was able to put together courses in art, graphic design, public relations, advertising and retail for a focus that she called "integrated retail communications." A self-taught interior designer, Ford earned her bachelor's degree in specialized studies in 2003.

Amidst a successful career as a fashion stylist, she gained national attention for the 1907 schoolhouse turned home she restored and designed in her hometown of Pittsburgh. She's now an HGTV star whose signature aesthetic trends across Instagram. She partners with various home outfits such as Crate & Barrel, Hart Tools, and Domino Magazine to bring her modern yet lived-in aesthetic to homes from Los Angeles to New York City.