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Sign-up and Fees

Program dates

For first-year students entering in Spring 2020:

Our one-day orientation program for first-year students is on Friday, January 10. Please sign up using the link below.

For transfer students entering in Spring 2020:

Our one-day orientation program for transfer students is on Thursday, January 9. Please sign up using the link below.

Orientation Fees

Student orientation fees, including the student's meals and overnight stay in a residence hall during two-day BSO programs, are included in The OHIO Guarantee™. There are additional fees for the family and guest orientation programs, for family members or guests to stay in the residence halls, and for early arrival accommodations for students and/or family members or guests.

All fees are billed directly to the student's account. Questions regarding charges must be resolved within three months of attending your orientation session. To view your orientation charges, visit your My OHIO Student Center.

Fees for One Day Programs 

Item Cost
Student Program Fee Included in The OHIO Guarantee
Family/Guest Program Fee (includes meal) $30 (per person)

Fees for Two Day Programs

Item Cost
Student Program Fee Included in The OHIO Guarantee
Student Overnight Accommodations During BSO Session Included in The OHIO Guarantee
Student Early Arrival Accommodations in Residence Hall $28*
Family/Guest Program Fee (includes meals) $52 (per person)
Family/Guest Overnight Accommodations $28 (per person)*
Family/Guest Early Arrival Accommodations in Residence Hall $28 (per person)*


*Please note these fees are for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Fees may be adjusted for BSO programs happening in June 2020.  Check back later in the spring semester to confirm fees for accommodations in the residence halls during two-day BSO programs. 

Sign up for your orientation session

When signing up for your session, you will choose an available date and also sign up any family members or guests who will be attending orientation with you. Students are required to participate in all sessions that are part of the program in order to register for classes at orientation, so be sure to select dates where you will be able to fully participate in all elements of the program. 

Sign up for Your Orientation Session

Can't sign-up?

  • First-year Students are eligible to sign-up for their specific orientation session after they have successfully completed their housing contract and paid their deposit or completed an exemption waiver. The automated process can take up to 48 hours from the time the housing deposit is received or an exemption is processed for a student to be able to access the BSO system to sign-up for an orientation date.  
  • Transfer Students are eligible to sign-up for their orientation session once they have officially been admitted to Ohio University.
  • Contact us for more assistance.