Ohio University

Preparing for Your Orientation

In order to have a successful orientation experience, there are several things you need to do to prepare for your program. We recommend reviewing this page and beginning your preparation for orientation as soon as possible. 

Placement Exams

An important part of preparing for your orientation program is taking placement exams.  Placement exams are necessary to make sure you enroll in the appropriate first course in each of these areas and ensure you register for the correct classes for the first semester in your major.  Which placement exams you need to take is determined by your selected major and current placement level (for Math placement). Additional information is available about placements here: Placement Testing

These exams must be completed BEFORE your scheduled orientation program as there will not be time during the orientation to complete the exams. 

  • Math Placement
  • Chemistry Placement
  • Computer Science Placement

These exams will be taken at orientation on day one of our two-day programs: 

  • Language Placement
  • Music Theory 

Major Change

If you wish to change your major from your initial application to Ohio University, we recommend doing so as soon as possible.  Since our orientation program is designed to connect you with other students in your major and specific information is shared about your major or college, it is important to make any major changes prior to attending orientation. To change your major, please contact Undergraduate Admissions via email at admissions@ohio.edu. You should do this at least one week prior to your scheduled orientation date to make sure we have prepared your orientation materials for your new major.  However, if you do not make the change by then, we will still have an option for you to discuss a major change with admissions during check-in for your program.

Submit Test Scores and Transcripts

Request any AP/IB/PSEO/Dual Enrollment test scores or official university transcripts be sent to Undergraduate Admissions, Chubb Hall 120, 1 Ohio University, Athens OH 45701.

If you have college credit from another university (college credit plus, college courses, etc.), please contact that university/college to have your transcripts sent to Ohio University before BSO.  Many students think that their high school will send the college information, but this is incorrect.  You will need to contact the university/college directly to request the transcripts be sent to Ohio University at the address listed above.

Transfer Credit questions? Please contact OHIO's Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Upload Picture for OHIO ID

New students can take their own ID picture prior to arriving for their orientation program.  Details about the process can be found here: https://www.ohio.edu/oit/accounts/id-cards/upload-your-id-photo

Photo submissions must be approved and accepted, so we recommend starting the process to upload a photo early. If your photo is uploaded and approved before your orientation, we will have your ID ready at BSO.  If you do not submit a photo or your submission is not approved in time, you will take a photo for your ID during the program. Changing your program date after May 1st may impact our ability to print your ID with your photo submission and you may still need to take a picture at BSO even if your photo was pre-approved.   

Update Preferred Name and Pronouns

Enter or update your preferred name and pronouns. Students can update their preferred name and/or pronouns in My OHIO Student Center. After logging in, click on the "Names" link in the Personal Information section to review and update, or to enter your preferred name and pronouns. The preferred name you enter will be displayed in most university systems and services, such as your ID card, Catmail, the online directory, Blackboard, grading rosters, etc. Visit the preferred names FAQ page for more information.

Parking During Your Program

Parking for your program will be in Lot 132 (next to Peden Stadium). Lot 132 can be found on the Campus Parking Map. When you arrive to this parking lot, our staff will give you a parking pass for you to place on your dashboard. This parking permit will only be valid in Lot 132 and only for the days of the program.

Things to Bring to Orientation

  • Photo ID (Needed to Check-In)
  • Technology for Course Registration
    • We will have limited computers available during course registration at orientation.  If you are able to bring your own laptop, iPad, or Tablet with Internet Access, please do so for a quicker registration process.  This does not need to be the technology you will have as a new student, so you do not need to worry about getting that at this time.  If possible, consider borrowing technology from someone to bring with you. We will have some technology resources available to use and will share accordingly.  A smartphone is difficult to use for registration purposes, so plan on bringing something different, if possible.
  • Unofficial College Transcripts and Test Scores
    • If your official transcripts (indicating any college credit you may receive) and test scores have not been received or processed in time for your orientation, having an unofficial copy will he helpful, but not required, to you and your advisor for course registration purposes.
  • Make sure you’re in proper attire for the Orientation experience. Bring an umbrella and wear comfy shoes! It is a long (but fun!) day and we want you to be prepared for it. Also, some of the spaces we will be in for sessions may require a light jacket, so make sure to pack one of those too. 
  • For two-day orientation programs, anyone planning to stay on campus in the residence halls during the program will need to plan for the overnight stay and bring anything you may need for that (toiletries, phone chargers, favorite pillow, etc.).