Ohio University

Professional Development

There are several ways to enhance your skills as an Academic Advisor. We invite you to join us at any of these opportunities or to read more about advising in one of the most helpful handbooks.




The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) promotes student success by globally advancing the field of Academic Advising. Through NACADA ample opportunities and resources exist for professional development, networking, and leadership. Through these advising practices, NACADA continually promotes an inclusive environment with respect to diversity and equity. NACADA is often referred to as “The Global Community for Academic Advising”.


Appreciative Advising Institute

The Appreciative Advising Institute is a four-day annual summer event sponsored by the Office of Appreciative Education of Florida Atlantic University. This event offers hands-on, active learning for advising professionals, as well as anyone who works directly with students. The Appreciative Advising Institute will leave advising practitioners feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired to empower students and advisors alike to embrace their best selves.


The Ohio Academic Advising Association (OHAAA)

OHAAA is dedicated to providing low-cost professional development opportunities while gathering advisors to share success, challenges, and best practices. OHAAA places focus on professional and personal well-being as it relates to advisors. Through this, ample opportunities are providing for amongst state, regional, and national professional organizations. The OHAAA is an allied organization of NACADA.

Academic Advising Handbook

The Academic Advising Handbook by Wes Habley focuses on the emphasis of advisors as the core of an institution’s educational mission rather than a service. This handbook values the importance of encouraging experiences amongst students that result in effective communication and intellectual growth. The Academic Advising Handbook elaborates on advising beliefs, practices, and effective delivery to better relationships amongst advisors and students alike.