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Change Your Major


We want you to have the major that you enjoy and that helps you meet your goals!

Selecting a major is a process that takes a lot of time and reflection. If you have not yet selected a major or you feel that your current major is not a great fit for you, here are the steps that will propel you to find a major that helps you meet your goals.

  1. Log onto http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip and click “Start” under “Tell us what you like to do” to learn more about your skills and values and which careers they align most closely with.
  2. Write down your results and read the description of the categories you scored highly in (also in the graphic below). Does that sound like you?
  3. Click on the careers that My Next Move recommends. Do those look appealing?
  4. Look to see what majors/minors/certificates are a good fit for the careers you are considering. (A recommendation is to print off these three pages and cross-off the items that do not interest you.) 
  5. Read more about how to get into each of our majors in the OHIO Guide.
  6. Take your results from that inventory with you, and meet with an Academic Advisor in the Allen Student Advising Center (call 740.566.8888 for an appointment), or go to the college office of the new major you are considering.

image from My Next Move