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University College Advising and Student Services

The mission of the University College Advising and Student Services Office is to support the academic, intellectual and personal development of students through professional advising, degree programs and instruction.

Who we serve:

The Office of Advising & Student Services assists students in University College with guidance and support in choosing and identifying admission requirements for an appropriate major by the time a student reaches 45-60 credit hours. The team is available to answer questions regarding university policies and procedures and campus resources. The office is located in 140 Chubb Hall.

Academic Advising is a high priority of University College. Our professional and adjunct advisors strive to help you launch your career at Ohio University, to help you explore academic and career options, and to assist you with decisions about how you can best use the University to promote your learning and development. University College students will be exposed to various advising structures based on your admission status and goals.

  • First Year UC students will traditionally be assigned to an advisor linked to the UC 1000 Mastering the University Experience Course.
  • Second Year and beyond undeclared and undecided majors will be assigned to an advisor located in the UC Advising and Student Services Office. (Once you declare a major in a different college, an advisor from that college will be assigned to you.)
  • Students seeking to declare a major in Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ), Bachelor of Specialized Studies (BSS) or an Associate Degree will be assigned to an advisor located in the Advising and Student Services Office or designated campus advisor. o Students interested in the BSS program will work closely with a University College advisor and faculty to design, gain approval for, implement, and earn their unique degree.
  • Students currently enrolled in a college outside of University College are welcome to meet with an advisor in the Allen Student Advising Center if they are considering changing majors, have questions that touch on University-wide issues or involve University College programs.
  • If you are in University College and have a particular degree program in mind, whether that program is selective or not, you should refer to the degree requirements outlined elsewhere in the catalog. If you are interested in determining your progress toward one or more majors, you may create a "what if" DARS report for the major you are considering. Simply go to University Registrar's DARS webpage and log in using your OHIO ID and password. If you want assistance creating or interpreting a "what if" DARS, please contact the University College office. One of our advisors will be glad to assist you.

University College allows Undecided and Undeclared majors one year to explore OHIO's major options or complete requisite(s) and GPA requirements to declare a major of choice.

Students can declare some majors as early as the second semester of their first year. All students should be working to declare appropriate majors between 45-60 credit hours.

Students seeking to declare the Bachelor of Specialized Studies major with 60 or more credit hours completed are required to work with faculty and advisors to achieve an appropriate program.

Although your professional or adjunct advisor will help you prepare a schedule each semester, you are ultimately responsible for your education. Advising is a collaborative process for which you need to be prepared. It is imperative that you arrive on time and prepared for advising appointments and that you know and follow requirements and procedures at the department, school, college, and University levels.

Academic Policies & Procedures

Advising Resources for University College Students
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