Ohio University

How to Find a Tutor

Tutoring Services uses TutorTrac to help OHIO students book and manage their tutoring appointments online.

You'll need your OHIO ID and password to log-in.

Before starting with TutorTrac, please review the two short videos and user guide:

As you're getting started, if you experience problems with TutorTrac, please try a different browser or upgrade your current browser to the latest version. Contact the AAC for additional support.

What you can do on TutorTrac:

  • Search available appointments at the Math & Science Center and Peer Tutoring
  • Book appointments or view drop-in times for your course
  • Cancel appointments 8 hours in advance
  • View your upcoming appointments
  • Automatically receive confirmation emails and a reminder for each appointment

If you're new to TutorTrac, please see the video links at the top of the page, or review the instructions below.

TutorTrac Instructions

  • Enter your OHIO ID and password

  • Select Search Availability

  • Select a Center: Math & Science Center, Peer Tutoring, Student Writing Center, or Study Skills Coaching

  • Select a Reason from the drop-down list

  • Select a Section (choose the class from your available semester course list)

  • You can narrow your search by adjusting the time and day(s)

  • Hit Search

  • Click on the desired appointment time (in green) or view drop-in times (in blue)

  • You and the tutor will receive a confirmation email.

  • All students must log-in and log-out at the beginning and end of the session

Where to meet your Tutor:

  • Math and Science Center – appointments and daytime drop-ins: check in at the front desk at the AAC in Alden 230; evening walk-ins: Morton Hall

  • Peer Tutoring – many tutors meet at the AAC in Alden 230. Tutors will confirm your appointment location via email to discuss where to meet for your private session
  • Study Skills Coaching – check in at the AAC front desk in Alden 230

Limitations to scheduling:

You may search and book appointments for up to one week (7 days) in advance.

You may have no more than four upcoming appointments per course. In other words, if you have four future appointments, you cannot add another one until you have attended or canceled at least one of the appointments. However, this rule applies per course, so for example, if you already have four upcoming chemistry appointments, you can't book a fifth chemistry appointment yet, but you can book a calculus appointment.

If you have missed or canceled two appointments in a semester, you will be blocked from scheduling additional appointments until you meet with the coordinator of the Student Writing Center. A second block will stay in place for the remainder of the semester. You may still receive tutoring on a walk-in basis, but keep in mind that our ability to accommodate walk-ins is extremely limited, especially during times of peak demand.

Having Technical Difficulties?

Stop by the Academic Achievement Center for assistance in Alden 230 or send an email to tutoring@ohio.edu.