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The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) offers free academic assistance programs to all Ohio University students. From tutoring to reinforcing good study habits, we help students overcome difficulties they might have with coursework and collaborate with them in managing the challenges of academic life. Studies show that students who seek academic assistance tend to perform better in their classes and retain more information. We encourage all students to take advantage of our services by making an appointment online through TutorTrac (opens in a new window) or by calling the Academic Achievement Center at 740.566.8888.Contact us at tutoring@ohio.edu with questions.

  • Remote tutoring is available via TutorTrac (opens in a new window) or by calling the Academic Achievement Center at 740.566.8888. Schedule an appointment with our peer tutors who have expertise in many Ohio University courses. Once you make an appointment, your tutor will send you an email including a link to your tutoring appointment, which will be a Teams meeting. You and your tutor will be able to use chat, audio and/or video features, share documents, and work together on the whiteboard.
  • Student Writing Center – The Student Writing Center provides free online appointments using the same tools described above. The writing center’s peer tutors provide writing assistance to all Ohio University students. These tutors can help at any stage of the writing process from discussing and organizing ideas to polishing a final draft. Writing tutors will not edit papers but will guide students in improving their writing strategies.
  • Study Skills CoachingQualified coaches collaborate with students to help them recognize what it takes to reach their full academic potential and to equip them with the strategies, supportive partnership, and personal accountability necessary to achieve academic success.
  • Online Learning Navigation: Students familiar with remote learning will help peers navigate and succeed in the online educational environment. Students can call on these navigators to aid them in mastering online course organization, managing assignment details, finding helpful resources, and understanding the technology required to complete assignments.

The students who serve as tutors, coaches, and navigators are experts in their fields and trained following the College Reading and Learning Association guidelines on ethical standards and best practices. They are professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and proven techniques to help all Ohio University students get the most out of their university education.

Academic Assistance Summer Hours

May 13-August 14
Sunday-Thursday: 2-8 pm
Friday: 9 am-3 pm
Other days and times available upon request

Online Tutoring for eCampus Students

Ohio University provides eCampus students with access to 24/7 free online tutoring support. Students have access to over 3,000 tutors that are experts in math, science, history, literature, technology, writing, and more.