Ohio University

College Study Skills Coaching

Have you ever studied for hours and still felt like you didn’t know the material? Have you ever expected to get a good grade on a mid-term and been disappointed?

What is College Study Skills Coaching?

Study Skills Coaching is a collaborative partnership designed to enhance students’ overall well-being and academic performance. Regular meetings with a coach help students identify and implement personal solutions for overcoming academic barriers. Our coaches help students recognize what it takes to reach their full academic potential and to equip them with the strategies, supportive partnership, and personal accountability necessary to achieve academic success.

While coaches will customize sessions to fit students’ individual needs, common topics of discussion include:

  • Concentration & Memory
  • Time management
  • Test preparation
  • Goal-setting
  • Note-taking
  • Organization
  • Procrastination
  • Reading Comprehension

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

  • Improved performance
  • Developing new and effective habits
  • Learning to make informed decisions
  • Accountability
  • Research shows that students who meet with an academic coach regularly achieve higher academic success

Ready to Schedule an Appointment

Midterms are approaching, and Erin is worried about her grades. She needs a B in the class to keep up her GPA and continue receiving her scholarship. For the past few weeks, she has only spent about two hours studying for her calculus class, but still can’t figure out how to remember all of the formulas. She is terrified and not sure what to do.

Since Erin depends on this scholarship to stay in school, she reached out to her advisor for some advice. The two met for coffee at The Front Room. After the meeting, Erin researched a program that was mentioned as a possible solution: Study Skills Coaching from the Academic Achievement Center. While talking with her advisor, Erin prioritized her needs for help. Note taking was at the top of the list, followed by time management. She logged onto TutorTrac and signed up for two appointments – luckily both were before her upcoming midterm.

At her appointment in Alden Library, Erin’s coach assesses where she is falling behind in her study habits and provides her with academically proven study techniques. Erin learned that she was trying too hard to write exactly what the professor was saying, which caused her to miss the context for why it was important.

Erin focused on establishing these new habits and felt prepared for her midterm.

Erin passes her exam with a B+ and rewarded herself with a night of watching Netflix. For the remaining weeks of the semester, she continued to use and refine the tricks she learned from the coaching. She even scheduled a third meeting to review her progress.

As the weeks went by, her most stressful class, calculus, became one of her best classes and she started studying more effectively for all her courses. She finds she’s much happier now that she has an effective plan.

Erin’s coach kept her on track for the rest of the semester. Overall, she did far better than expected and was able to keep her scholarship. The rest of her time at OHIO was essentially stress free because she no longer had to worry about losing her funding.